Trachtenberg & Co. Agency Profile

Trachtenberg & Co. Agency Profile
Trachtenberg & Co. Agency Profile

 If there’s one thing which can be assured of when it comes to Trachtenberg & Co., it’s that the popular New York firm will quickly and appropriately adapt with the times when needed to best serve its clients. After successful careers at the New York Times and Mademoiselle, Jacquie Trachtenberg launched her own boutique agency in 1999 with a focus on beauty, lifestyle and fashion.

Now, Trachtenberg represents 60 beauty and lifestyle clients so when the pandemic was declared, the firm quickly responded by developing virtual launches so it could successfully continue its work. In a March 17 interview with Glossy, Trachtenberg explained: “You can’t be tone-deaf in your outreach, but you also can’t be depressed and scared. Our team has to strike a balance of where we stand in the bigger picture of the news.” She added that the firm made it a point to extensively fine-tune pitches and launch strategies.

In-person meetings with clients like Sally Hansen and Eylure London became virtual, but Trachtenberg also recognized the stresses of the pandemic. She said some of their influencers were anxious for a break from the COVID-19 blitz.

Trachtenberg prides itself on tailoring strategies around each client’s needs in what it calls its unique 360-degree programs. The full-service boutique agency excels in all areas of marketing communications, including influencer, public relations, social media, and experiential marketing for its clients worldwide. Besides traditional media outreach, the firm is also adept in new media services, social media management, and cause-related marketing.


This isn’t the first time Trachtenberg has recognized change and successfully adapted to it. The firm added a multicultural division in April 2014 in recognition of the rapid changes occurring in the country’s cultural landscape. Trachtenberg Senior Director Julie Mendez said her cultural background and insights allowed the firm the ability to connect with these audiences in a deeper manner. Trachtenberg said Mendez’s skill in tailoring messages to a more diverse base ranging from Hispanic to African Americans broadens brands’ consumer bases.

Two years later, in 2016, Trachtenberg launched an interactive, psychedelic showroom for its clients called The Studio. It’s since become a venue for influencers and celebs to create new content as well as to discover new products via one-on-one meetings. It’s also a setting for Trachtenberg’s creative team to conduct still and video production work.

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