Trident DMG: PR Firm

The full-service public relations firm Trident DMG, located in Washington, D.C, was founded in 2016. This firm offers its clients a variety of different public relations, strategic communications as well as crisis management services.

Trident DMG was founded by media professionals as well as attorneys that have decades of experience in managing many notable political and corporate crises. The firm provides counsel on both political and corporate challenges, threats that can arise from various major events along with crisis management situations. 

This is a firm that devotes everything it has to its clients’ missions while leveraging public relations and strategic communications as a way to strengthen clients’ reputations, launch their products, position companies and leaders, deal with lawsuits and media perception, and many other things.

Some of the services that Trident DMG offers its clients include strategic communications, that can strengthen a client’s reputation, establish market position, and take on competitors while also demonstrating thought leadership. Trident DMG dives deep into a client’s business and works hard to master all the essentials, in order to build compelling stories. Then, the firm will deliver tailored strategic communications that are going to reach measurable goals for the client that are going to make a big difference.

Trident DMG also offers public affairs services, as a company that has a deep understanding of what exactly drives public policy. The team at Trident DMG can easily execute public affairs and communications campaigns that can impact the decision-makers in local governments, in state capitals, in Washington D.C. and even abroad.

Complimentary to that, the firm also offers its clients litigation PR. Trident DMG has a lot of experience leveraging public relations so that the clients can have an easier time battling legal opponents or investigators. The firm’s litigation PR services can define the client’s case, defeat any adversary, and persuade stakeholders with ease.

Additionally, Trident DMG offers decisive crisis management along with political counsel services to public figures, corporate figures, or businesses as well as non-profit clients, when they need it most. The team at Trident DMG combines its legal, political, and media expertise to deliver the best possible results during a crisis.

Finally, Trident DMG also offers tech PR or startup PR services, which are perfectly designed for the needs of emerging companies, private equity investors, venture capital, and entrepreneurs. These emerging companies are most in need of thought leadership and strong campaigns that are going to meet all of their short-term needs while also achieving their long-term objectives.

Trident DMG has worked with congressional leaders and politicians from all over the world, Presidents, governments, corporate leaders and Fortune 500 companies, universities, high net-worth families and individuals as well as national news media outlets.

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