UNDP – UNICEF Ghanda Issues Communications RFP

UNDP – UNICEF Ghanda Issues Communications RFP

Development and facilitation of communication/public awareness campaigns related to implementation of three Rio Conventions and Aarhus convention in Armenia.


UNDP-GEF “Generate global environmental benefits through environmental education and raising awareness of stakeholders” project aims to address priority capacity needs related to the environmental literacy of key stakeholders, such as the needs to increase skills and knowledge of staff in organizations involved in implementing environmental management practices, to increase consideration of environmental obligations in various social-economic development programmes and to increase awareness of decision-makers on global environmental issues and country’s obligations under the Multilateral Environmental Agreements that Armenia is Party to. The project’s objective is to strengthen the capacity to use environmental education and awareness raising as tools to address natural resource management issues. Through the activities of the project, it will include support the development of the capacity of CBOs and of the media – including journalists – to use environmental education and awareness raising as tools for conducting information awareness and environmental education activities at the community level but also at the national level through a national campaign.

Scope of Work:

Under the overall guidance of the UNDP Sustainable Growth and Resilience Portfolio Analyst, direct supervision of the Project Technical Task Leader and in close cooperation with the Project team the contracted entity will be responsible for the development, supervision and delivery of creative communication and public awareness campaigns on the three Rio Conventions on climate change mitigation and adaptation, conservation of biodiversity and prevention of soil degradation, and the Aarhus Conventions, as well as the public awareness towards sustainable natural resource management.

The provision of the following tasks is expected for the project purposes:

  1. To develop curricula and facilitate workshop for at least 25 participants, including journalists from different media outlets (at least 60% of participants) and representatives of community based organizations (CBOs). The workshop with duration of 2-3 days should focus on raising environmental awareness of journalists and CBO representatives and development of their capacity to implement communication and public awareness campaigns focusing on raising community awareness on global environmental issues and on the Rio Conventions.
  2. To discuss possible communication campaigns with participants and, through ideation to modify the suggested campaigns or develop new ones. Finally, select the best ideas/solutions for at least 5 communication/public awareness campaigns on the aforementioned topics. The campaigns should target public at large and emphasize environmental and economic benefits of environmentally friendly technologies and nature protection, in general.
  3. To create working groups of workshop participants and lead the development of strategy of selected communication/public awareness campaigns on raising community awareness on global environmental issues and on the Rio Conventions. The campaigns, targeting public at large, could include various tools, such as flash mobs, TV programmes/interviews, workshops, exhibition, and so on.
  4. To supervise the delivery of campaigns through community based activities and national media. Activities may include messages disseminated through national media and various other modern communication channels and focusing.

Due Date:

June 15th


United Nations Development Programme / UNDP

14 Petros Adamyan St., Yerevan 0010, Republic of Armenia

(4:00pm local Yerevan time)

Candidates for this assignment could include MWWPR or APCO Worldwide.

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