Université de l’Ontario français (UOF) Request for Quotations Media and Social Media and Social Media Monitoring Services

Submission Deadline: February 13th, 2024


The proponent should be able to provide services in media and social media monitoring services (tools and support services) and a management and supervision tool of social media content related  to the UOF. The objective of the UOF is to be able to quickly access news, information and texts  which speak about it, or which are likely to interest it. The UOF also wants to ensure that it  speaks out and responds to comments on social media in the most effective way possible. UOF expects  a company to provide services:

• Media and social media monitoring (traditional and digital media, social media and blog  platforms)

• Media reports and reviews (daily, weekly, quarterly and annual)

• Tool for planning and organizing publishings as well as monitoring content/comments on its social  media platforms (X (formerly Twitter), Meta (formerly Facebook), LinkedIN, Youtube, Instagram) and  other most popular platforms), with a minimum of 5 authorized users to administrate and manage the  platform on behalf of the UOF.

The proponent must be able to:

•  to offer support services in French

•  be able to collect and reproduce information from French and English-speaking media and  broadcaster platforms in Ontario and Canada.

Potential project types involving Media and Social Media and Social Media Monitoring Services may  include, but are not limited to, the following:

1. Comprehensive monitoring of Ontario’s French-speaking weekly medias as well as all major daily  newspapers (print and online / French and English);

2. Comprehensive monitoring of all electronic media in Ontario (television, radio, Internet) (in  French and English);

3. Ability to monitor social media – including blogs, wikis, social networking sites, micro-  blogging sites, video and photo sharing sites, etc. ;

a. Ability to connect and manage a minimum of 5 social media accounts of the UOF;

b. Ability to compare and analyze a minimum of 50 public social media accounts of the UOF’s  competitors;

4. Daily summary of UOF and postsecondary education news with content that is easily downloadable  and readable on digital devices;

5. Ability to identify duplicate articles;

6. Allow personalized keyword searches for all media and text on social media (minimum of

10 customized searches at any time);

7. Ability to produce searchable/customized reports (e.g. by topic, by date, by journalist, etc.;

8. Possibility of ordering transcriptions of broadcast reports;

9. Ability to search and target journalists writing on specific topics in real time, with niche  keywords, including influencers (

10. Possibility of producing a daily personalized information newsletter (model and curation).

11.       d selected articles to as many people/distributions as needed, and up to an ited  capacity.

12. Ability to create and send e-Newsletters via the platform, with included templates, ability to  create and save customized distribution lists of no less than 100 email addresses;

13. Ability to create a minimum of 10 distinct dashs with the ability to have a minimum of 10  distinct reports/widgets connected to it;

The Proponent will need to demonstrate its ability to offer all of the Media and Social Media and  Social Media Monitoring Services listed above and more, including a list of all French-language  media outlets to which it has access to content due to media agreements.

The Proponent must demonstrate that it complies with all laws and regulations relating to Media and  Social Media and Social Media Monitoring Services such as respect for copyright and that it has  appropriate insurance for these same issues.

Potential feature types involving a tool for planning and organizing publishing’s as well as monitoring and responding to content/comments on its social platforms should include, but are not  limited to, the following:

1. Publishing tools, including one-step publishing, drag-and-drop images, hashtag suggestions and  emojis to make content more engaging and expand its reach.

2. Scheduling of publications using a single calendar for all social platforms. (Long- term  programming options)

3. Generative AI included to work faster, without spelling or grammar errors, to formulate varied  and more attractive and engaging content. languages.

5. Ability to create content in draft mode, making it easier to assign and review.


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