Which Universities Offer Best Public Relations Degree?

For professionals who dream of creating the next big advertising stunt or helping companies to thrive in the competitive modern marketplace, a degree in PR could be the ultimate way to unlock the perfect career. As the media becomes a more pervasive part of the world we live in, various colleges and universities have begun to invest in specialist classes specifically for those who want a job as a PR manager, copywriter, or reputation expert.

Although the perfect school for any student will depend on that individual’s specific preferences and needs, the following educational facilities are some of the best in the United States when it comes to teaching academics how to hone their voice and tailor their messages for the world of PR. In no order, here are some of the places offering great PR degrees.

Syracuse University

For students in search of a university that focuses on the digital environment and new media, Syracuse is the perfect place. Students can explore classes that teach about multimedia storytelling skills and how to write for a digital audience. As things like social media, content marketing, and digital advertising emerge as an essential part of any business strategy, Syracuse graduates will be well-equipped to handle the future of PR.

Students at this university are also required to finish around three internships before they graduate, so there are plenty of opportunities to learn on the job.

The University of Texas, Austin

Like the Syracuse University, the University of Austin also requires its students to complete a selection of internships, so everyone feels prepared by the time they leave school. Many of today’s academics will learn at great cutting-edge companies like Patagonia and South by Southwest, so opportunities to build a great network of future experts to connect with are limitless. There are also additional classes available on entertainment.

St John’s University

One of the world’s best locations for public relations students, St John’s University in NYC helps students to earn careers at some of the biggest PR firms in the world. The courses offered by this school fall under the banner of a Bachelor of Science degree, which means that modern students will learn all the technical aspects of working in PR, as well as the creative things they need to know to help their clients succeed.

Boston University

Boston University already earns attention from students around the world thanks to its PR Lab. This is the nation’s oldest student-first public relation agency. The PR Lab works with countless great clients like the Children’s Hospital of Boston, Goodwill, and even Ben and Jerry’s. Students in the Boston University PR realm can choose to focus on political campaigning, new media, and various other subjects.

Penn State University

Finally, students at Penn State don’t just get an education in the PR world, but also in what it takes to become an advertising expert too. Since a lot of the public relations activities that take place today revolve around marketing, Penn focuses on helping students to understand the role that PR and advertising play when it comes to influencing society.

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