University of Arizona Seeks Marketing Agency

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The University of Arizona Health Sciences Asthma and Airways Disease Research Center is looking for a marketing & advertising agency.

From these vantage points, the UA Health Sciences reaches across the state of Arizona and the greater Southwest to provide cutting-edge health education, research, patient care and community outreach services. A major economic engine, the UA Health Sciences employs almost 5,000 people, has nearly 1,000 faculty members and garners more than $126 million in research grants and contracts annually.

Services to include:

  • Develop a brand platform for the NHLBI-funded Prevention of Pediatric Asthma network.
  • Review the brand identity including naming, logo design, brand identity standard/ guidelines/ systems as appropriate.
  • Provide strategic marketing support for participant recruitment into the ORBEX clinical trial for the prevention of asthma.
  • Provide advice and recommendation to the ORBEX Principal Investigator (PI) and the Clinical Coordinating Center (CCC) for development and implementation of designed marketing efforts.
  • Design, develop and deliver promotional/healthcare advertising materials, including a public facing website, for clinical trial marketing strategies, improving national brand awareness, and study initiatives.

Proposal due on July 6th, 2016 to:

The University of Arizona
Procurement and Contracting Services
PO Box 210300
Tucson, Arizona 85721

Allison PR & Havas PR both maintain Arizona operations.

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