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Through this RFP the University seeks to elicit Proposals to enable the University to:

  • Evaluate the technical qualifications, experience, capabilities and relative strengths of Proponents
  • Establish pricing and costs
  • Specify the terms and conditions that would govern any resulting contract; and
  • Select the successful Proponent or Proponents, if any, to fulfill the Requirement. This RFP sets out instructions for submitting Proposals and the process, upon and subject to terms and conditions set out herein, by which a Proponent or Proponents, if any, are to be selected.


Health research is important for expanding medical knowledge and what is known about a disease or treatment. It can help advance science through discoveries that can improve the health of future generations. There are many types of research and a wide variety of research opportunities looking for all kinds of volunteers. Researchers need volunteers to participate in research studies to help answer research questions. Volunteers that participate in research studies (e.g. ethics-approved research projects, surveys, clinical trials) are known as research subjects or research participants.

Patient-oriented research is about involving patients in all aspects of research, is done in partnership with patients, to ensure questions and results are relevant to what a patient actually experiences. Volunteers that participate in patient-oriented research (e.g. participate as a research project team member) are known as patient partners.

A majority of British Columbians (70%) are interested in participating in health and medical research but only a small percentage (15%) are aware of current opportunities to do so (2015 CanadaSpeaks BC Public Opinion Poll, Research Canada). Low research enrollment rates have also been reported as a significant issue for researchers.

The BC Health Research Connection Project was initiated to help connect patients and the public to all types of health research opportunities including both research studies and patient-oriented research.

Scope of Work

The supplier shall provide the following scope of services and deliverables (the following are inclusive but not necessarily an exhaustive list of requirements and deliverables for each phase):

  • Phase 1: Discovery and Design
    • Research and recommendations
  • Review of project documents including: stakeholder register, researcher stakeholder report, public consultation reports and draft requirements document.
  • Perform research/project kick off meeting to review project and communications objectives, and to discuss specific project deliverables, timeline and budget.
  • Determine whether additional consultations with key stakeholder groups are necessary to finalize requirements.
  • Work with PopData to review and determine all technical requirements and responsibilities of each party.
    • Visual design
  • Develop a brand for the website that support the project’s goals and vision and create an emotional connection to British Columbians. This will include naming of the website, logo creation, information design, visual identity and visual brand guidelines.
  • Meeting with Project Working Group to present options.
  • Develop writing guidelines and style recommendations and copywriting of the website.
    • Information Design
  • Map out information architecture and recommended content layout, including an interactive wireframe that give an experience that closely resembles the experience users will have on the website
  • Identify how the website will incorporate/introduce web best-practices, including W3 Consortium accessibility requirements, consistent and intuitive navigation options, mobile responsive, search engine optimization, etc.
  • Outline recommendations for CMS templates and CSS design and construction (e.g. look and feel)
    • Deliverables
  • Discovery summary report outlining findings, opportunities and recommendations from research and analytics review.
  • Website name and key messaging, including style and writing guidelines; visual design including logo and key pages design.
  • Website architecture and user journey including wireframe that includes recommendations on content layout and strategy based on the findings from information architecture review.
  • Comprehensive plan for the new website outlining solution to integrate with the database/software developed by PopData
  • Phase 2: Development

Using the research described in the discovery phase, along with supplier extensive knowledge of and background in web design and construction best practices, the supplier will put together a comprehensive plan for the new website. The plan will include a description of:

o   Infrastructure

  • Identify and develop a content management system (CMS) for the website.
  • Recommend the required hardware and operating system software to support the identified software (e.g. to run on a Linux platform).
  • Identify the appropriate technical design and configuration for the platform and CMS, and integrates with the database and server set up by PopData BC.
  • Liaise with personnel from Population Data BC to ensure integration and linkage to the database/software.
  • Provide a detailed design and configuration of the hardware and all software components to support the construction and ongoing management of the website.
  • Design and test for use access using standard web browsers on personal computers, laptops, tablets, and smartphones.
  • Include social media sharing feature.
  • Integrated website analytics tool for site-use tracking, including analysis of user behavior

o   Deliverables

  • Detailed project schedule for all aspects of site development and implementation.
  • Comprehensive budget that identifies costs associated with site development and construction, as well as ongoing maintenance and update costs.
  • Prototype for review and testing.
  • Functional testing sessions.
  • Phase 3: Implementation and Site Launch

o   Implementation

  • The supplier will build/construct/configure the website and work with Population Data BC to test to the integration and linkage to the backend database/server.

o   Deliverables

  • Functional Website that meets requirements.
  • Training manual for CMS.
  • User manual for site administrators.

Due Date:

September 7th 2017


The University of British Columbia
Vancouver Campus Manager
Supply Management, Financial Operations 5th Floor
TEF 3, 6190 Agronomy Road
Vancouver, BC, Canada, V6T 1Z3

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