This Request for Proposal (RFP) is being issued by University Hospital (UH). UH seeks proposals

from qualified firms to provide marketing and advertising services.


UH intends to retain one or more qualified firm(s) as a collaborative partner in the development,

implementation, management and evaluation of hospital awareness and social marketing,

communications, media and related services


University Hospital (UH) was separated from University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey

(UMDNJ), its parent organization for 31 years, by legislation that took effect in July 2013. UH is

now an independent medical center and an instrumentality of the State of New Jersey. It is a

principal teaching hospital of Rutgers Biomedical and Health Sciences (RBHS), which includes

Rutgers New Jersey Medical School and Rutgers School of Dental Medicine.

UH is a critical statewide resource for clinical care, medical education and research; a key

component of New Jersey’s healthcare landscape; and important to federal, state and local

legislators and other policymakers interested in advancing scientific discoveries and healthcare

delivery. It is New Jersey’s leading public hospital and provides training to more future physicians

than any other hospital in the state.

UH is a 519 licensed bed acute-care hospital, home to regional and statewide resources for

advanced care in many medical specialties. Additional information about UH is available on our

website at:

Last year, UH launched its new logo and brand to our hospital community in combination with

our vision for the future UH is currently in a contract with a website development firm therefore,

this RFP will strictly be for marketing and advertising services.

Questions and Inquiries

It is the policy of UH to accept questions and inquiries from all potential bidders receiving this


Written questions should be e-mailed to UH, Purchasing Services to the attention of the assigned

buyer at the following address:




ATTN: Giovanna DiGuglielmo

Cut-Off Date for Questions and Inquiries

A non-mandatory Pre-bid Conference will not be required for this procurement. Written questions

must be delivered to the Department of Purchasing Services via e-mail

and .


Contractor shall assist in the design and execute marketing campaigns using social media

and other media to promote hospital and specified medical programs

Contractor shall work with UH to develop branding, marketing, and creative strategies for

UH within the community and beyond.

Contractor shall assist in the development of a cost effective yet comprehensive marketing

strategy (both digital marketing and traditional) that would utilize social media (e.g. Facebook,

LinkedIn, Instagram, YouTube and Twitter) and other media as suggested (e.g. billboards, direct

mailings, ads in transit hubs such as airports and train stations).

Contractor shall assist in the development of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategy,

including suggested website content and keywords and metrics to evaluate the effectiveness of the


Marketing Services

Contractor shall provide creative services such as concept development,

copywriting, art direction, layout and design, video and image collection, graphic design, asset

organization and management, and other creative services needed to support, develop and track

the State’s brand and marketing campaign(s);

Contractor shall provide production services capable of supporting all aspects of a

given campaign, including but not limited to Print design; television spots; radio spots; direct

marketing; outdoor advertising; and other forms of production services necessary to support the

State’s marketing campaign(s); and,

Contractor shall make adjustments or changes to the campaign(s) as required to

meet the State’s advertising objectives.

Contractor shall make adjustments or changes to the digital advertising campaign(s)

as needed to meet UH’s digital marketing objectives;

Contractor shall utilize available research to support Contractor’s digital

advertising recommendations, subject to UH’s approval; and,

Contractor shall provide graphic design and content development for digital, print, and

collateral material, as requested.

Contractor shall provide strategic campaign support, including planning, development, and

execution; multi-channel outreach; and branded material development Social Media Management.

Contractor shall provide social media strategy development, content, execution, and

measurement for the social media accounts for UH, including but not limited to:




Media Placement

Contractor shall be responsible for understanding the overall objective of UH’s marketing

programs to effectively recommend and place traditional and digital media placements that

generate visitation to UH and its websites resulting in increased engagement and visitation.

Contractor shall render media placement and related services for the State pursuant

to the strategic marketing plan which shall include but not be limited to:

Provide recommendations for media placement that will accomplish

outlined campaign goals, including projected impressions or results, for UH to approve prior

to purchase/buy;

Coordinate with UH and others, as may be required, to ensure that

appropriate production materials are obtained to satisfy media placement requirements in a

timely fashion to media vendor(s);

Provide oversight or support of media placement opportunities as needed or

requested by UH.

The media buy fees shall include, but not limited to, the Contractor developing and

managing (i) Media plans from a strategic level to the tactical details; (ii) Media buying across

traditional media and digital/interactive media; (iii) Media benchmarking providing perspective to

UH as part of the strategy development; (iv) Media billing and payment to any and all third parties;

(v) Media reporting which shall include, but not limited to, monthly competitive spend reports,

content auditing, and post buy analysis; (vi) Ad prospecting; (vii) Research; (viii) Planning; (ix)

Negotiating rates; (x) Negotiating added value; (xi) Buying; (xii) Contract signing (insert orders

or IOs); (xiii) Maintenance/Stewardship buy; (xiv) Fulfillment of the buy; and/or (xv) Recap of

the buy.


Identify the UH “brand” along with a detailed strategy to promote that brand.

Advise the UH regarding maintaining brand consistency

Make recommendations on brand advancement.

The development of an advertising concept and campaign utilizing the brand with an

integrated communications plan for a variety of audiences along with a method to support, track

and maintain the brand in promotion of UH; and

Position or reposition the brand and adjust or change the use of the brand as needed to

benefit UH’s marketing objectives.

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