University of Louisville Foundation Looking For A PR Firm

University of Louisville Foundation Looking For A PR Firm

The University of Louisville is seeking a PR agency for the University of Louisville Foundation, Inc. (ULF), and its related entities. The RFP notes that, “The successful firm must have demonstrated expertise in the areas of public and media relations, with specialized skills in brand strategies, image identification, promotion of company excellence, social media presence, and management of challenging situations.  Firms with a strong familiarity and/or history with the University of Louisville, University of Louisville Foundation, Inc., and agencies or departments of Metro Louisville and the Commonwealth of Kentucky are encouraged to reply.”

About the University of Louisville

Founded in 1970, the Foundation is directed and supervised by a 15-member board of directors whose members each serve three-year terms. A majority of the board of directors are not members of the board of trustees or officers or employees of the University. The president of the university serves also as president of the Foundation and as a member of the Board. The students, academic staff, schools, colleges and libraries of the University rely heavily on support generated from the endowments of the Foundation. The Foundation’s efforts have driven the University’s endowment into the ranks of the top 100 colleges and universities in the United States.

Scope of Work

A screening committee of ULF personnel, including board members, will make its decision using the following criteria:

  • Key personnel assigned to the proposed contract (please include biographical information that describes the qualifications and role of the individuals) and accessibility of those personnel to the UofL Foundation, etc. [15 %]
  • Familiarity and/or strong history with the UofL Foundation, etc., its vision, goals, and strategic directions [15%]
  • Creativity in the strategies to protect and advance the University’s or other entities’ reputation in city and state [10 %]
  • Ability to influence public opinion regarding the UofL Foundation, etc., favorably among
    • consumer markets [10 %]
    • philanthropic markets [10%]
    • elected policy makers [5%]
    • elected national leadership [5%]
  • Promotional ideas for increasing the support for the University throughout the state, as well as nationally and internationally [15 %]
  • Demonstration of successful implementation of programs to change clients reputational market positions [10 %]
  • Fees for services [5 %]

Proposals are due by Monday, July 20, 2016.

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