University of Mississippi Social Media Management RFP

University of Mississippi Social Media Management RFP

The University of Mississippi is seeking Social Media Management software.  They need help to develop and schedule content to designated social media channels, interact with UM fans and followers across all official platforms, and provide advanced analytics reporting.

Scope of Work

  1. Social Media Account Management & Functionality
    • Must support ability to manage varying levels of access for departmental or organizational employees
      • Ability to allow users to pre-approve social media content before publishing is preferred
    • Must support 24/7 access to all social media accounts for platform users
    • Must be able to provide access for between 25-30 users with ability to increase total number of users if necessary
    • Must provide ability for users to communicate within the platform, thus allowing for quick response to all audiences
  2. Reporting
    • Must provide unlimited reports for each University of Mississippi user with advanced analytics from each social media account.
    • Software users must be able to edit and download all reports generated
  3. Support
    • Must provide dedicated support personnel to provide on-going service and support.
    • Must provide full training on software platform for University of Mississippi staff.
  4. Publishing
    • Ability to create, schedule and post content to multiple social media accounts
      • Must be able to push content to the following platforms:
        • Twitter
        • Facebook
        • Google+
        • Instagram
    • Ability for all users to view scheduled posts for all social accounts
    • Ability to create and schedule messages that can be modified by other users based on a permission system
    • Ability to shorten links with unique URLs
    • Ability to add parameters to outgoing posts that can be used by web analytics platforms such as Google Analytics or Omniture
  5. Monitoring
    • Ability to monitor specific terms via Boolean Search Logic
    • Ability to monitor by geolocation Implementation and training

The Vendor must provide a comprehensive implementation plan that demonstrates the Vendor’s understanding of the scope of work and how it will address and execute all objectives in this RFP. Vendor must provide an outline that includes specific tasks or activities required for implementing the scope of work by the required go-live date.

  1. Implementation Proposal and Description
  2. A project plan for the development, integration and installation of your solution.

Proposal due on August 4th, 2016 to:

University of Mississippi- Procurement Services Department
1 64 Jeanette Phillips Drive
PO Box 1848
University, MS  38677

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