DUE DATE: June 28th, 2023


The University of Arizona is seeking creative agency partner(s) that can develop campaigns and

creative work for University colleges and departments that serve tactical needs while aligning with the

University of Arizona master brand and institutional platform (currently “WONDER”).


The University of Arizona’s current institutional brand platform, “WONDER”, launched in 2019, taking the place of the prior brand platform, “BOUNDLESS”, which had been in market since 2014 (prior to this time, the University had no top-down institutional brand campaigns).

The University is a largely decentralized entity consisting of hundreds of departments and programs that report up through scores of colleges and administrative divisions. University Marketing & Communications stewards the master brand and manages institutional marketing campaigns, providing guidance and expertise to sub-units managing smaller campaigns to maximize brand alignment.

However, college and division subunits largely operate under their own internal authority structures and University Marketing & Communications exerts influence but not direct control over the marketing activities of these subunit entities.

Subunits within the University have disparate resources and varying levels of budget, staffing and skill – some may have full teams and relevant expertise, and some may have no resources in these areas. It is also possible that some departments may have projects that require coordination with other vendors or in-house design or development teams. This will depend on department-to-department, project-to-project. University Marketing & Communications anticipates visibility into subunit creative projects to ensure alignment with holistic institutional brand goals and to reduce any potential conflicts with ongoing work.

5.2 Purpose, Values & Goals:

As Arizona Wildcats, we are driven by purpose, guided by our mission and we live our core values every day.

• Purpose: Working together to expand human potential, explore new horizons and enrich life for all.

• Mission: We will continuously improve how we educate and innovate so we can lead the way in developing adaptive problem-solvers capable of tackling our greatest challenges.

• Values:

o INTEGRITY: Be honest, respectful and just.

o COMPASSION: Choose to care.

o EXPLORATION: Be insatiably curious.

o ADAPTATION: Be open-minded and eager for what’s next.

o INCLUSION: Harness the power of diversity.


• The overall marketing goals for the University are:

o To support student enrollment on all campuses and modalities.

o To enhance the image and reputation of the University of Arizona.

o To broaden and deepen knowledge of the University among all constituency groups.

o To drive specific actions such as alumni involvement and enhanced donations to the University.

5.3 Expectations:

The University of Arizona is seeking agency partner(s) who will:

• Develop campaigns and creative work for University colleges and departments that serve tactical needs while aligning with the University of Arizona master brand and institutional

platform (currently “WONDER”).

• Work within the limited decentralized budgets of departments and colleges to craft workable deliverables, maximizing the value of the investment while educating clients about realistic scope and goals.

• Maintain an open line of communication with University Marketing & Communications representative(s) in order to ensure central visibility into sub client projects and consult on any questions related to design execution or permissibility of client requests.

o If working with more than two units, hold a monthly status call with University Marketing & Communications to keep projects on track.

• Attend annual presentation(s) with University Marketing & Communications for updates on the evolution of the master brand platform.

• Work with University Marketing & Communications on occasional professional development opportunities for internal campus marketers.

• Collaborate effectively (if/as needed) with the University’s concurrently contracted vendor for media buying and placement services to ensure seamless traffic coordination of creative assets into campaign placements.

5.4 Scope of Services:

Bidding vendors will be asked to provide the following services:

• Brand Implementation

o Strategic Thinking

o Brand Framework Development

o Creative Development

o Creative Research

o Ad Campaign Development

• Strategy

o Concepting

o Brand Work

o Ad Development

o Creative Execution

o Music Licensing (if needed)

o Creative Asset Legal Clearances (if needed)

o Photo/Video Production Support (if needed)

• Content Development

o Storytelling

o Copywriting

• Design Services

o Print Design

o Digital Design

o Social Ad Design

• Additional Expertise (only if offered/available)

o Event Experience Planning

o Retail Pop-ups / Signage

o Large-Scale Experiential Design Elements

o Customer Journey Mapping


o Photography

o Videography

o Radio/Audio

o Animation

o Music Creation / Composition

o Web Design (NOTE: only with approval from University Marketing & Brand Management and with strict requirements on framework and components)

5.5 Exclusions:

  • All media buying and ad placement services are routed through an existing contracted vendor. Agency(ies) awarded this RFP for creative services will be asked to work with this media buying agency via a University of Arizona project manager or traffic coordinator.

• University colleges and departments are bound to the institutional logo lockup system and CANNOT create or commission their own logos or logo lockups. Secondary graphics and artwork may be permissible in some cases (e.g. events), but these should be authorized by University Marketing & Communications and should never contain the block A logo.

• Stationery products (letterhead, envelopes, business cards) are managed through a and exclusive institutional contract. Letter design for purposes not related to stationery (e.g. direct mail campaign) is permissible.

• The University’s web ecosystem is largely managed in-house within a Drupal-based content management system. Very limited web design and/or site-building services may be allowable, but on a case-by-case basis and pending approval by University Marketing & Communications. These websites should always be designed/developed with the Arizona Bootstrap framework/components and content managed through Quickstart.

5.6 Target Audiences:

Individual colleges and departments will have a very wide range of target audiences which may cover a large spectrum of demographics, psychographics, and geographies. Many will be targeting incoming college students (grad or undergrad) to their specific program(s), but others will be targeting parents, alumni, local Tucson or Phoenix general population or VIPs, or other specific groups or individuals locally, nationally, or internationally.

The University’s high level target markets outside of Arizona include Texas and California, as well as other national and international markets depending on campaign needs.

5.7 Budget*:

University subclient colleges and departments have limited, decentralized budgets for marketing and creative work. In terms of aggregate budget projections, an annual institutional spend between $300k – $1.5M (spread across RFP awarded vendors) appears possible.

*These budget projections are merely estimates based on incomplete transactional records associated with the prior Creative Services RFP (including outlier low investment years during COVID-19), and NOT a commitment of expected funds or resources.

5.8 University Commitments:

To support RFP-awarded agencies, University Marketing & Communications will attempt to


• Full onboarding presentation to explain the University of Arizona’s master brand, WONDER platform, logo lockup system, colors, fonts, and more.

• Annual presentation and Q&A opportunity exclusively for RFP-awarded agency partners to discuss the near-term future of the University of Arizona master brand platform, and how best to execute at the sub brand level.

• At least one direct point of contact at University Marketing & Communications for any questions or consultations to help with projects or connecting with campus, as well as ensuring visibility into subclient projects.

• RFP-awarded agencies will be formally positioned as approved creative agencyresource contacts for University departments, and published on

• Opportunity to participate in the annual ONE Conference, a one-day internal event that draws over 300 University marketing and communications professionals.

5.9 Copyright:

The University of Arizona will require full copyright and ownership of all creative assets upon creation. Original files and raw working files (ex. Photoshop files, video editing timelines, raw footage, etc.) must be provided to the University of Arizona upon request.

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