The overall purpose of this RFP is to provide information to vendors interested in preparing and submitting proposals to meet the requirements for Advertising and Media Buying Service described herein. Portfolios/Proposals will be received for the items/services specified herein or attached hereto under the terms, conditions and general specifications of this proposal.

The University of Maryland, Baltimore (herein called the “University” or “UMB”) intends to contract for Advertising and Media Buying Services for the School of Nursing (UMSON), School of Pharmacy (UMSOP), School of Law (UMSOL), and the Graduate School (UMGS). The selected contractor(s) will work with the Offices of Communications and Marketing in all four schools to achieve each school’s goals for recruiting prospective students. The selected contractor(s) must have a successful record of assisting organizations to achieve growth through a proactive, analytical, innovative, and best-of-breed media buying approach. UMB is looking for strategic partner(s) – sophisticated, engaged vendors with differentiated subject matter expertise and a proven, results-oriented background in acquisition marketing. Only Proposers with experience purchasing a minimum of $250,000 annually in digital media within the last two (2) years for a single client, AND $750,000 annually in digital media over five (5) years for a portfolio of clients, shall be eligible for an award. It is anticipated that marketing/advertising campaigns will need to be created for multiple unique academic programs across the four schools. The University of Maryland, Baltimore is committed to a quality-based selection process for the procurement of digital advertising media buying services.


The University of Maryland, Baltimore (UMB) is a public institution with the multiple missions of education, research and service. The 71 acre complex is located in downtown Baltimore, a city that has become a model for urban rebirth and vitality. The UMB complex has over 7,119 employees and approximately 6,329 students enrolled in seven professional schools: School of Dentistry, School of Law, School of Medicine, School of Nursing, School of Pharmacy, School of Social Work, and the Graduate School.

UMSON, UMSOP, UMSOL, and UMGS, the schools seeking this contract, will be collectively referred to as UMB.

Since 1889, the University of Maryland School of Nursing (UMSON) has shaped the profession of nursing and the health care environment by developing leaders in education, research, and practice. As a nationally top-ranked nursing school, UMSON is a catalyst for creativity and collaboration; we engage diverse groups of professionals, organizations, and communities in addressing local, national, and global health priorities. Together, faculty, staff, and nearly 2,000 students create a rich and vibrant working and learning environment where knowledge is created and shared. A passion for discovery permeates the educational process and advances the use of evidence as the basis for nursing practice. Accordingly, we are recognized for our scientific knowledge, critical thinking, interprofessional teamwork, and profound commitment to the health of individuals and communities. Offering programs at the undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral level for those entering nursing practice and those advancing their nursing careers, we develop professionals who are in high demand by health systems, universities, government agencies, and more.

Established in 1841, the University of Maryland School of Pharmacy (UMSOP) is ranked as one of the top ten schools of pharmacy in the United States. The School is a thriving center for professional and graduate education, pharmaceutical care, research, and community service. Its faculty create the future of pharmacy by pioneering new roles for pharmacists in advanced clinical practice and conducting cutting-edge research in drug discovery and development, comparative effectiveness and patient-centered outcomes, and disease management. A contemporary curriculum, innovative educational experiences, and strategic professional relationships help to inspire excellence in the School’s more than 800 students, residents, and postdoctoral fellows.

UMSOP offers nine academic programs, ranging from the Doctor of Pharmacy and the PhD degree, to online and in person Master’s degrees. All programs are graduate level and focused on health care and science.

The University of Maryland Francis King Carey School of Law (UMSOL) strives to develop outstanding professionals educated in the law. Through excellent teaching in both classroom and clinical settings, the school seeks to prepare students for productive leadership and professional roles in the law, public service, business, and government. In their capacity as scholars, members of the faculty contribute to the development of lawrelated knowledge and enhanced understanding of the functioning of law and justice. We underscore our public responsibilities as lawyers and our connection to the broader community by enhancing access to justice, providing pro bono legal services, and serving as a resource for members of the profession and others who work to achieve justice and a better-functioning society. 

UMSOL offers the JD, LLM, and MSL degrees as well as a number of dual degree opportunities in partnership with other leading institutions. Within our program, we have several specialties that enable students to obtain a deeper level of understanding in a specific area of the law.

The UMB Graduate School (UMGS) offers graduate education and training in biomedical, health, and human service sciences. We offer Master of Science (MS) and Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) degree programs, and post-baccalaureate certificate programs in these areas of study. We also offer dual degrees with the University’s professional schools including PhD/MD, PhD/PharmD and PhD/DDS degree programs, and we participate in inter-institutional studies in biochemistry, and gerontology with other University System of Maryland campuses. The Graduate School has been offering masters and doctoral studies on the UMB campus since 1918.

UMB approaches advertising as a means to attract new students. Our media planning and budget are specifically managed to generate inquiries, applications, and enrollments and to promote related events. With that in mind, our experience and expectations of media partners is continual measurement and optimization of advertising spend, with the goal of improving performance. UMB is committed to continued growth, which necessitates reaching beyond our local market. We anticipate working with a media partner to identify target markets beyond Baltimore and Maryland. We are searching for an advertising vendor that can successfully understand and relay the discrete identities of our individual academic programs and can create relevant advertising/marketing campaigns to increase applications to and enrollment in each program.

Scope of Work:

In general, the selected vendor should be able to: 

• Track time according to funding source;

• Reallocate funding as needed, based on campaign performance;

• Move effort/change creative during the campaign based on performance or changes in UMB priorities;

• Advise on unsolicited advertising opportunities that arise;

• Pay selected advertising vendors on behalf of UMB;

• Develop creatively with the ability to make unanticipated updates in-house;

• Develop and maintain landing pages linked to advertisements;

• Provide regular written and verbal reports on ad performance and optimization;

• Provide access to ad performance data via email or online dashboard;

• Have experience with higher education clients;

• Recommend and leverage a variety of media and formats, including but not limited to:

° Search

° Retargeting

° Display

° Digital radio

° Social Media

° In-app advertising

° Environmental

UMB’S individual school’s Offices of Communication and Marketing will each designate a staff member to act as coordinator (“Project Coordinators”) between the individual school respectively, and the Contractor. Throughout the period of the Contract, copies of all correspondence, work products, specifications, estimates, and other materials prepared by the Contractor should be directed to the Project Coordinators and to any other UMB personnel designated by the Project Coordinators. Direct contact or communication by the Contractor with other UMB offices or any other entity concerning the Project shall be made only with the prior knowledge and concurrence of the Project Coordinators.

Contractor’s consulting team for the Contract shall be the same person/people identified in the Contractor’s submittal responding to this solicitation unless (a) a change is requested by the Contractor and approved in writing by the Procurement Office; or (b) a change is requested in writing for good cause, in which case the Contractor shall make an appropriate substitution, subject to UMB’s approval, and notify UMB in writing. Major changes in the Contractor’s organization or personnel (other than the Contractor’s Team) shall be reported to UMB’s school/department contacts in writing as they occur.

Due Date:

January 17, 2020


University of Maryland, Baltimore

Strategic Sourcing and Acquisition Services

Saratoga Street Offices 

Level 02 Room # 02-100 

220 Arch Street Baltimore, MD 21201-1531

Attn: Barbara Moser 

410-706-2013(voice) 410-706-8577 (fax)

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