University of Texas at San Antonio Issues Public Relations RFP

The University of Texas at San Antonio (“University”) is soliciting proposals from contractors qualified in the field of public relations services to provide services required for the successful design, launch, communication and promotion of the Oskar Fischer Project, as designated by the UTSA Office of University Communications and Marketing. In collaboration with University’s Office of University Communications and Marketing and other University leaders, Contractor will develop and execute original and distinctive strategic and tactical media and public relations plans to successfully promote University’s Oskar Fischer Project to an international audience. The plans must detail goals and objectives, key strategies, target audiences, tactics, timelines, estimated costs and success metrics. The plans should also focus on the state of Alzheimer’s research today (to be defined by both parties during the plan development process), as well be forward thinking and adaptable for emerging trends and changes in Alzheimer’s care and treatment.


The Office of University Communications and Marketing manages and promotes UTSA’s brand and vision to become a nationally recognized research institution through strategic messaging, compelling storytelling and creative integrated marketing solutions. It accomplishes this by providing expert counsel that promotes, protects and advances the UTSA brand. The Office of University Communications and Marketing aspires to elevate UTSA’s brand and reputation while serving as an integral collaborator and partner of choice for university stakeholders.

Over a century has passed since Oskar Fischer published his landmark paper in 1907 describing neuritic plaque accompanied with drawings of the plaque. Alzheimer’s research has fared little better than Oskar Fischer, who was a Jew working at Charles University, neuropathological school, in Prague. In 1939, he was removed from his post at the Charles University. In 1941, he was sent to Theresienstadt in Terezín, a way station for Auschwitz and Treblinka. Like many other victims of the holocaust, he didn’t survive under the harsh conditions of the concentration camp. He died in 1942. Oskar Fischer published on 12 patients with plaques and tangles in 1907, the same year that Alzheimer published on one patient with early onset Alzheimer’s. A century has passed since Oskar Fischer’s seminal work. Tens of billions have been spent on research and potential cures. Over 130,000 research papers have been published, and yet no definitive explanation and cure for Alzheimer’s has been found. The Oskar Fischer Project is a comprehensive systems-based approach to explain the changes of Alzheimer’s. Integration of the numerous abnormalities into an explanation builds on the groundbreaking work Oskar Fischer started over a century ago, with the goal of helping scientists identify therapeutic targets to benefit patients.

To promote the impact of Oskar Fischer’s work and to develop a simple explanation for Alzheimer’s disease, Texas-based businessman James Truchard, co-founder and former CEO of National Instruments, provided a gift to UTSA to establish, promote and manage the Oskar Fischer Project, a two-year challenge open to individual competitors around the world.

Scope of Work:

The University’s Office of University Communications and Marketing is soliciting proposals from professional vendors qualified in the field of public relations to successfully manage all communication and public relations services related to United States businessman James Truchard’s gift to University’s College of Sciences to establish the Oskar Fischer Project.

University expects awarded vendor to offer a complete turnkey proposal to provide for the successful promotion of the Oskar Fischer Project. The competition will be developed and managed by the university. The goal of communication and marketing services is to gain international awareness of the project and to encourage qualified individuals to submit proposals for review by the project’s judging committee.

The UTSA Office of University Communications and Marketing will direct the agency relationship and has oversight responsibility to the services covered under this project. Contractor will work at the direction of the UTSA Office of University Communications and Marketing to develop and implement national and international media relations and related activities.

Contractor will be required to perform, but not be limited to, the following types of public relations services:

                a) Pitch regional, national and international media

                b) Curate and build lists to further engage international media

                c) Hold deskside briefings with trade and international media to promote call for proposals

                d) Pitch challenge at international science meetings

                e) Secure speaking opportunities at trade meetings

                f) Align and manage speaking engagements, special events, and other press activities

                g) Push news and information releases over international wires

                h) Develop an advertising plan, create artwork and secure spaces

                i) Curate and update content for Oskar Fischer Project website and other collateral

                j) Explore partnership or sponsorship opportunities with the Journal of the American Medical Association, Nature, NPR Science Friday and/or others to co-promote the challenge

                k) Perform account services and reporting for each of the above

Due Date:

January 22nd, 2019


The University of Texas at San Antonio

Purchasing and Distribution Services Department RFP# 743-18-122018PD

One UTSA Circle

San Antonio, TX 78249

Agencies with relevant experience includes Coyne PR and DKC PR.

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