Upspring PR: Design, Architecture & Real Estate

Upspring PR
Upspring PR: Design, Architecture & Real Estate

Upspring PR secured a place in the 2019 honor roll of the most influential PR firms in the architecture and design industry. Founded by Tiffany Rafii and Sarah Terzic 10 years ago, the firm has an impressive roster of clients. Brands on the roster include DIFFA, Perkins and Will, PaintZen, Pininfarina, AERIN, and Ethan Allen.

Upspring PR’s Inception

The idea of Upspring PR came from when the two childhood friends decided to try their hand in public relations. During their final year, they decided to take on pro-bono clients from New York and Washington DC and, while at it, try to convert some of them into paying clients. Upon graduating, Sarah and Tiffany hit the ground running with one New York-based paying client and they’ve retained the client to date. One of the major milestones in solidifying the plan (which was to create Upspring PR) was to transition from working from Starbucks and their apartments to a communal office. They even traded some PR work to get a negotiated deal for the office spot.

To scale the heights, Sarah and Tiffany have made some strategic choices. The childhood friends made a conscious decision to narrow their focus on the fields of design, architecture, and real estate, their target niche being the hospitality industry. Despite specialization being risky since they had to turn away clients in the early days, the strategy has shored up the company. Over the past decade, they’ve developed an extensive network of invaluable designers, mentors, and entrepreneurs, which has been an important contributor to today’s success.

Upspring PR Notable Projects

Upspring PR has worked with some amazing clients, who had much to say. They are:

Big Chill Appliances

The company’s chief marketing officer, Hillary Frei, drew attention to UpSpring’s dedication. In her review, she points out that Upspring PR goes out of its way to represent Big Chill Appliances. Seamlessly, they secure media placement for the brand across a variety of consumer and trade channels. They’ve effortlessly become an important cog in the company’s (Big Chill Appliances’) communication strategy.

Nemo Tile

Matt Karlin, Nemo Tile’s president, pointed at Upspring PR’s invaluable and unparalleled expertise. The president explained that not only are they well-versed in design, architecture, and communication, Upspring PR does a great job building the company’s brand and driving their message home. Thanks to their professionalism, they’ve become an important facet in Nemo Tile’s sales, design, and marketing processes.

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