US SOY Communications Agency Needed

USSEC seeks a communications firm to develop a robust communications plan that includes sustainability messaging and communications materials aimed at informing buyers about the sustainability of U.S. Soy. This work will expand upon the messages and information shared through the Dare to Compare campaign. The firm must have knowledge of the soy industry, agricultural conservation practices in the U.S., as well as experience with communications on agricultural sustainability.


There is a growing market demand for sustainable soy and for sustainable plant-based proteins/oils more broadly. In the U.S., use of the U.S. Soy Sustainability Assurance Protocol (SSAP) Certificate is increasing and verified sustainable soy currently accounts for more than 36% of U.S. soybean exports. Sustainability is a market differentiator for U.S. soy and the sector’s performance on measures of sustainability is already well-documented.

Market demand for sustainable soy and plant-based protein/oils is increasing in response to growing consumer interest, companies’ corporate sustainability strategies, and market regulations. U.S. Soy has a strong performance on sustainability measures and is wellpositioned to supply customers interested in sustainable sourcing. In making purchasing decisions, buyers consider a number of factors including price. While the U.S. is competitive on price for a narrow window each year, customers interested in sustainable soy may be willing to pay a premium for U.S. soy if superior performance on sustainability measures is documented. The contractor will develop a communications plan to communicate with buyers about the sustainability of U.S. Soy including the SSAP, SSAP-Renewable Energy Directive (SSAP-RED), Sustainable U.S. Soy, mapping to the U.N. Sustainable Development Goals, carbon footprint of

U.S. Soy, and forest protection in the U.S. This work will expand upon the messages and information shared through the Dare to Compare campaign.

Scope of Work:

Develop overall sustainability messaging and promotional strategy for Sustainable U.S. Soy, SSAP, and SSAP-RED for U.S. and international audiences. o Develop an outreach plan to the signatories of the Principles for Responsible Banking about SSAP. 

• Support the USSEC Sustainability Team on responding to sustainability issues as they arise. Would expect this to be minimal, but proposals should demonstrate capabilities of issues response.

• Develop branding guidelines for sustainability logos. Logos have been developed, but guidelines on when they should be used and for which audiences need to be developed.

• Develop refreshed standard PowerPoint presentation slides on U.S. Soy Sustainability to include information on SSAP, SSAP-RED, Continuous Improvement Goals, Sustainable U.S. Soy Logo, U.S. forests, the Sustainable Development Goals, and the carbon footprint of U.S. Soy. 

• Write 2 articles on SSAP and SSAP-RED for the USSEC website, qualified state soybean board communications (U.S. domestic market), and the USSEC newsletter.

• Create messaging and materials on U.S. grassland conversion, based upon upcoming report completion

• Recreate the Soy Export Sustainability LLC logo. 

• Develop marketing materials on Sustainable U.S. Soy, SSAP, SSAP-RED, SDG mapping, and greenhouse gasses, including brochures (printed and electronic), blogposts

• Develop short informational videos on SSAP and SSAP-RED to be posted on USSEC’s media and used during presentations as well as on SSAP QR code landing page.

• Develop a consumer directed QR code and promotional website about Sustainable U.S. Soy tied to the Sustainable U.S. Soy logo that adopters of the SSAP logo can utilize.

• Redesign the U.S. Soy Sustainability Assurance Protocol document to include updates to the protocol (as provided by USSEC). ADDITIONAL CONSIDERATIONS

• All created materials should be presented in a format that can be translated by our regional translators.

Due Date:

5:00 PM CST, 1/8/21


Name: Mary Hannig Phone #: +1-636-449-6005 or +1-314-791-0256 Email:

Relevant agencies to consider includes Finn Partners and Prosek partners.

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