Using AI Generated Images in PR

AI is playing a growing role in PR and marketing, with AI-generated images being one such area. Though useful in some scenarios, companies must consider a variety of factors before integrating these tools into marketing and PR efforts.

Understanding the Technology

Companies wanting to use AI-generated images should understand the technology first. These products are created from machine learning algorithms trained on large datasets of original images. Computers can generate similar images in terms of style and content based on this data. Unfortunately, quality can vary depending on the initial training and complexity of the algorithms used. Companies must first check the quality and accuracy of AI-generated images before using them in marketing and PR materials.

Potential for Misleading Content

AI-generated images can be deceptive, as they can be modified to represent something that didn’t actually take place. For example, an AI-generated image of a product may look larger or more appealing than it actually is. As a result, customers could end up feeling disappointed or distrusting when buying the product advertised in the image. To prevent this, companies need to ensure that the AI-generated images reflect the actual products and services and communicate any edits or alterations made to them.

Legal and Ethical Considerations

When using AI-generated images, companies must also consider legal and ethical implications. Brands must make certain to get the necessary rights to use a person’s likeness if an AI-generated image is used. Furthermore, the extensive use of deepfakes raises ethical issues with these AI-generated images.

Deepfakes are AI-generated images or videos that can be used to manipulate or impersonate individuals. Companies must be careful to avoid using deep fakes in marketing and PR materials as this is  unethical and potentially harmful.

Impact on Brand Image

AI-generated images can influence a company’s public perception. Trust in the company and its products will suffer if consumers see images as deceptive or lacking integrity. But, AI-generated images may also be helpful if used creatively– they could help give the brand an edge against competitors. Companies must weigh up these factors when considering use of AI-generated images and the impact on the brand.

Balancing AI with Human Creativity

Companies also need to weigh the use of AI-generated images with human creativity. AI is useful for producing imagery, but without the emotional intelligence and creative flair of humans. To produce unique and engaging visuals, companies should combine AI with human creativity. This makes for a more genuine, compelling marketing and PR strategy that connects with consumers.

While AI-generated images can have flaws, these tools also have great potential in the right hands. By combining AI with human creativity, companies can create visuals that are both accurate and engaging.

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