6 Examples of How Businesses Can Use YouTube Channels

YouTube has become a content powerhouse. The number one place for both professional and amateur videos, whole careers have been launched on that site. Not to mention the often utilized marketing potential taken by businesses all over the world. Just the ability to generate a viral video has more benefits these days than a dozen television commercials.

Some companies do a better job of taking advantage of their YouTube accounts than others.

Here are six examples of businesses that have done it right.

1. Cisco


Networking giant Cisco is one of the biggest names in the technology world. So it was no surprise that they took social media by the horns, and created a great YouTube page. They went with a simple look with light color, rather than spending a lot of time on the design of the background. Instead, they focused on the useability of the navigation, to great effect.

They even have a social media toolbox right on the page, so you can connect to their Facebook, Twitter, Slideshare and official blog. All without leaving their channel once. It is an impressive all-in-one system.

2. Allstate


Allstate went a bit fancier with their design. They promoted their logo by selecting a matching background. The moment you click on their channel they start up one of their latest TV commercials. But you can watch any one of them through a slideshow underneath, or using an arrow on the video itself.

Rather than focus on navigation, they went fully into marketing. Their channel is like a giant collection of commercials, infographics and ads, but presented cleanly, without clutter. You can also communicate with them through the Join the Conversation feed.

3. Geico


While Geico kind of dropped the ball with their YouTube design template (it is horrible), I can forgive them. The actual collection of videos makes up for the lapse. Not only do they have their famous commercials, but many other interesting videos you can check out.

The focus here has been giving people what they expect to find. One of their strongest marketing points is the humor in their commercials, and they utilize them to their full potential. They could do with improving on their design and social media, however.

4. Starbucks


This famous coffee franchise has put all of their videos into easily sorted playlists, with their most recent videos displayed neatly in the center of the page. They update so frequently that any other setup would be difficult to maintain.

But what they are really known for are their fun and unique campaigns. Right now, there is a Hanging With Maroon 5 segment, and it is hard to forget their Love Project.

5. Microsoft


Microsoft has one of the sleeper designs I have seen. Funny enough, their YouTube channel is much better that Apple’s. Which I found surprising, given Apple’s usually well designed websites and interfaces that really try and look minimalist and modern.

Tabs at the top allow you to find content for Everyone, Student, Business or Developer users, and it is easy to search out specific videos. They also have a Join The Conversation box, like so many other companies. I always see those as a plus.

6. Facebook


Social media monolith Facebook went the extra mile to be simplistic. Instead of giving the user a whole lot of content, they just provide a little bit. There are plenty of playlists, but they have been tucked away on another page. Leaving the front page more or less bare, save a single featured video.

They don’t have any conversation boxes, but that isn’t a surprise. They are a social networking site themselves, so they have no reason for one. Yet, they still manage to use YouTube to their advantage.


Any business can use YouTube to their benefit, big or small. But the companies above have managed to fit it into their niche and create something that promotes themselves in the way they feel is best.

What companies do you think did it best? Let us know in the comments.

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