Utah Department of Health Issues Media RFP


The purpose of this RFP is to enter into a contract to provide a five year marketing plan and strategy focused on using social media to deliver UDOH messaging and increase awareness of the Safe Have Law among its target audiences.

Utah’s Safe Haven Law allows parents to legally and anonymously give up custody of their newborn child at any hospital in Utah without having to identify themselves or answer any questions. This helps parents who cannot care for their newborn child, prevents dangerous abandonments, and facilitates finding safe and loving homes for children. The Utah Newborn Safe Haven Project (www.utahsafehaven.org) of the Family & Youth Outreach Program at the Utah Department of Health seeks the services of an advertising agency (ideally with government experience) to develop educational materials and implement coordinated marketing campaigns (both social and traditional media) that increase awareness of the Safe Haven Law.

Scope of Work:

·         Marketing and distribution including market research and sales and business promotion activities and trade shows and exhibits

·         Printed and electronic media including printed publications and textbooks and periodicals and reference books and electronic publications and background music and electronic software reference materials

·         Information technology services including cloud services and data services and rental or leasing services and online database subscription services and programming and hardware or software engineering and applications training services

·         Data services and internet services and software maintenance and computer hardware maintenance including website design services and internet domains and database management software support and disaster recovery services and support services

·         Advertising including public relations and consulting services and advertising agency services and media placement and fulfillment and video production and video editing services

·         Telecommunications media services including network monitoring and mobile communications services and television services and radio services

·         Vocational training including general training services and employment training and job coaching services

Due Date:

April 29th



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