Radius Indiana, an eight-county regional economic development organization in Southern Indiana, is accepting proposals to develop and implement a digital marketing campaign to support our newly developed workforce recruitment effort. This pilot effort will focus on attracting military veterans to fill defense industry employment opportunities in our region. The goal is to raise awareness of open positions and attract qualified candidates to Naval Support Activity Crane, the world’s third largest Navy base and our region’s largest employer with more than 5,000 engineers, technicians and production workers. In addition, myriad defense contractors throughout our area support the base and are also in need of qualified candidates.


Radius Indiana is a relatively young organization, established in 2009. The Indiana Economic Development Corporation was mandated through legislation to fund economic development initiatives in southern Indiana. As a result, Radius Indiana was formed to ignite prosperity in the region and to be the partner to the state tasked with the development and implementation of the regional economic strategies and initiatives.

Scope of Work:

Business Proposal:

Explain how the respondent will work with Radius throughout the process and provide suggested approaches to building in regular updates. Please include proposed team and resources that would be assigned to this campaign.

Explain how the respondent plans to collect necessary data to inform the project, including how they will use existing regional strategies, data and reports prepared for the region. Offer examples of existing programs that may provide templates in whole or in part.

In addition to the responses you provide in your proposal regarding your company’s ability and methodology to provide the listed deliverables, please list proposed products or services to be provided by a subcontractor.

Provide a description of your experience implementing similar digital campaigns – at least 2, but no more than 3. Special consideration will be given to those connected with economic development, military organizations and/or the defense industry.

Technical Proposal:

The Creative Component requires the development of unique creative assets to support a digital marketing campaign that encompasses the workforce opportunities in the defense industry in the Radius region. Please provide your firm’s suggested approach to the following:

                1. Strategic, research based creative recommendations

                2. Management of the production of various creative concepts and delivery to media outlets as required

                3. Integration of analytic tools to measure and report on the impact of executed media strategies and tactics

The Media Planning component will be responsible for recommending the most effective channels to reach the potential workforce for the Radius region. The selected firm will develop media plans and analyze media opportunities and select and purchase designated digital media. Please provide your firm’s suggested approach to the following:

                1. Strategic, research-based integrated marketing, media planning and media buying recommendations

                2. Determine efficient and effective media mix, recommending appropriate media channels to adhere to campaign goals

                3. Coordination with in-house Radius team

                4. Negotiations across all media channels

                5. Monthly digital reporting, analysis and optimization recommendations and budget review

Within the Business and Technical Proposal Section we will look for answers to the following questions:

Production/Creative: Do you do production in-house? If not, how do you manage production? Is your creative team located in the office from which this account will be managed?

Media Planning & Buying: Describe for us your process in deciding where, when, and how to purchase media. What tools or analytics do you use? What are the determining elements that make your purchasing decisions? Optimization strategy? Co-op strategy?

Promotional and Strategic Partnerships: Where do strategic partnerships or alliances fit into your overall approach? How have you used strategic partnerships to extend a client’s budget and exposure? What potential partners, if any, have you already identified as compatible for this project?

Research and Analytics: Provide an overview of how you determine success. What are the analytic tools or services that you use, and what type of information will you be reporting back to Radius Indiana?

Due Date:

May 10th, 2019.


Relevant agencies include Hunter PR and Kaplow PR.

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