Virginia Agriculture Wants Sales in The Middle East

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The Virginia Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services (VDACS) is interested in marketing and promotional activities for Virginia-produced products in the Middle East North Africa (MENA) region.

VDACS helps Virginia companies develop profitable export opportunities throughout the world for products including, but not limited to, agricultural commodities, processed foods and beverages, seafood and aquaculture products, and forest products. Agricultural products are critical to Virginia’s economy; the annual value of Virginia’s agricultural exports exceeds $3 billion.

VDACS is seeking an agency to assist with marketing and promotional activities in MENA for Virginia-produced products, and to research and advise regarding the labeling and other regulatory requirements for certain agribusiness products entering MENA.

VDACS also seeks to build trade relationships, determine the challenges the trade face in importing Virginia-produced food and agricultural products, increase awareness and interest in the procurement of Virginia-produced food and agricultural products and identify the best opportunities to promote Virginia-produced food and agricultural products.

VDACS marketing staff works with many U.S. Department of Agriculture

MENA is an important growth market for Virginia agricultural and forestry products.

Specific responsibilities include:

Assistance to Virginia Companies

A key responsibility will be helping Virginia companies export their products to MENA by providing local market assistance.

The associated services include:

Assisting Virginia exporters in making contact with potential MENA importers, distributors, and retailers by developing matchmaking opportunities, providing interpretation and translation services, as necessary.

Assisting with travel for Virginia agribusiness exporters to MENA including arranging meeting and developing itineraries for VDACS and Virginia companies traveling to MENA, making hotel arrangements, and arranging transportation details;

Maintaining on-going contact with foreign buyers, including buyer selections and escorting buyer missions to Virginia;

Market Research, Development, and Promotion

Proposal due by June 7, 2016 by 2:00pm

Commonwealth of Virginia
Virginia Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services Procurement Office
102 Governor Street, Rm. 240 Richmond, VA 23219 USA

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