Virginia Department of Health Seeks Marketing Agency

Commonwealth of Virginia Department of Health

The purpose of this marketing strategy is to coordinate efforts to provide public health information about the Prince William Health District, which aim to improve the health of the community and emphasize a population health focus. This short term strategy will ensure that all efforts promote the Health District’s vision to be the healthiest district in Virginia. The district is grateful for the one time funding to be spent over 5 months, although the district recognizes that in order to have an ongoing marketing plan, particularly using social marketing tools, the district would need a full time marketing employee, particularly in this dynamic environment. Therefore, our marketing strategy will be geared towards products that can be completed in the required timeframe.

Scope of Work:

Marketing Goals

  1. Broad community understanding of the importance of public health and how PWHD partners with the community to be the healthiest district in Virginia
  2. Increase the timely dissemination of information
  3. Encourage participation and collaboration in Health District initiatives and facilitate community engagement
  4. Promote strategies to address specific public health issues identified in the Community Health Improvement Plan, the VDH Plan for Well-Being, VDH and PWHD Strategic Plans
  5. Promote the use of evidence-based strategies to reduce at-risk behaviors and empower residents to make positive lifestyle decisions.
  6. Strengthen relationships with key organizations, agencies, policy makers, stakeholders and advocates
  7. Increase collaboration with non-traditional health partners
  8. Increase collaboration in order to share resources and prevent duplication of services
  9. Promote brand identity as part of the larger public health system.
  10. Expand PWHD reach to a broader audience
  11. Differentiate the health district from personal or clinical health service providers as well as from other governmental departments.
  12. Change the perception of public health from individual healthcare provision to a system that serves the entire population.

Marketing Outputs

  1. Develop, implement, and evaluate communication materials that help residents and community partners and stakeholders understand what impacts health and how the PWHD supports the community in becoming the healthiest district in the state.
  2. Develop, implement, and evaluate communication materials that promote the adoption of policies which enhance community health through changing social norms.

Marketing Plan Activities

  • Research information about the community as a whole and who the PWHD serves to include focus groups with divisions
  • Audit present PWHD marketing environment
  • Develop a marketing strategy
  • Develop marketing materials
  • Beta test materials internally
  • Beta test materials externally
  • Develop marketing materials based upon beta test findings
  • Develop a marketing strategy
  • Train PWHD staff on implementation

Due Date:

September 27, 2017


Virginia Department of Health
PO Box 2249 811 Commerce Rd
Staunton, VA 24401

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