Account Adds To Growing List Of NFT / Metaverse Leaders Working With Virgo (Including OpenSea and Genies) 

[New York, New York, November  18, 2021], Virgo PR, a New York PR agency that creates campaigns that delight audiences and attracts attention, has been appointed to work with Uplandme.Inc.(Upland), one of the fastest-growing metaverses on blockchain that is mapped to the real world and one of the most sustainable NFT platforms.

Virgo has already worked with Upland for previous campaigns securing placements in outlets such as VentureBeat,Cointelegraph, CoinDesk, Forbes and more.

After it launched in open beta in early 2020, Upland has gone from strength to strength. 13 US cities have already opened and over 100,000 virtual landowners from all around the world already enjoy Upland’s metaverse. Over 2 Million NFTs have been purchased by players, and places like San Francisco and Manhattan have been sold out of virtual land since the beginning of this year. Each day, more than 60,000 daily active users buy, sell and trade virtual properties, build houses, complete property collections, and participate in treasure hunts and city tours. 

The company was founded by Dirk Lueth, Idan Zuckerman and Mani Honigstein and is based in Mountain View, CA. It follows the principles of an open market economy, using blockchain technology to ensure true ownership of digital assets (NFTs). 

Upland’s motto is to “Rebuild the World” and it takes sustainability very seriously: in June 2021, Upland offset a whole year of the carbon footprint of the EOS Public Blockchain on which Upland operates its NFT metaverse. The NFL Players Association (NFLPA) was the first brand to utilize Legits in Upland, bringing over 2,000 football players into the metaverse. The NFLPA also became an indirect shareholder in Upland via OneTeam Partners.

“We’re all excited to partner with Upland as they continue to lead the charge of a metaverse and real world crossover,” said Mike Paffmann, Virgo PR CEO. “We’re looking forward to working with Dirk and his wonderful team as the space continues to evolve and innovative.”

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