Vista, California Issues Branding RFP

City of Vista

The City of Vista is seeking an agency to act as the City’s Economic Development Department Brand Ambassador Media Consultant.

The City Economic Development department is responsible for attracting, expanding and retaining businesses in the City of Vista. As part of these efforts, Economic Development staff regularly interact with members of the business community and, many times, discover inspiring,  innovative stories about local business achievements that have a local, and sometimes global,  impact. Economic Development staff also discover new and compelling industry trends and uncover data that makes a compelling story about the local business community at large. In an effort to increase media exposure to these stories, the City Economic Development department works with the City Communications department to share these potential stories leads with the media. To increase the efficacy of this effort the Economic Development department is seeking a Consultant to lend their expertise in writing positive business success stories worthy of media publication that the City Communications department can pitch to the media.


Scope of Work

The City of Vista is seeking a qualified company to act as the City’s Economic Development department Brand Ambassador Media Consultant. The Consultant will work closely with City Economic Development staff to create media ready stories that the City Communications department will pitch to media contacts.

The anticipated timeline for this project is December 10, 2019, through June 30, 2019. The total budget for this project is $12,000.

The City Economic Development staff will be responsible for supplying story ideas, leads and contact information of a primary story source to the Consultant. The Consultant is responsible for providing guidance on images and affiliated material needed for each story package and the City will provide associated photo content when possible. When the City does not have high-quality images, the Consultant will be responsible for supplying a photo or video content to create a complete story package.

Further consideration will be given to applicants who demonstrate creativity in producing regular media content and an ability to provide strong media relationships with a proven track record of media placements.


Due Date

          November 27th 2018



          Jennifer Schoeneck



Agencies to consider include Zeno Group and Edelman PR.

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