Visual Identity and Marketing

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Aside from verbal cues, companies can rely on visual cues in their marketing efforts to communicate with their customers more effectively and quickly than any words can, in comparison. For instance, everyone is familiar with the popular white logo on a red background from Coca-Cola. They’re familiar with the lines of the logo and the attention-grabbing advertising campaigns from the brand around various seasons. This popular brand managed to create a visual identity to stand out from the crowd and make the customers perceive the entirety of the brand much differently and affect the customers emotionally. In fact, one of the core elements of marketing a company is to create a recognizable and strong visual identity. This visual identity needs to be made up of different colors, shapes, and themes that will convey a very specific message to the target audience.


Most of the time, like in the case of Coca-Cola, the best design choice tends to be the simplest one. That’s because if a design is simpler, it will be a lot easier for the customers to recognize the brand and a lot easier for the company to incorporate different simple elements into its branding. If a company decides to create a very complex visual identity, the entire thing can start feeling crowded or noisy. For example, too many elements or colors can make the customers feel like everyone is trying to talk to them simultaneously, which means they have difficulty understanding the meaning behind the elements and the brand itself.


When it comes to visual identities, companies must always be consistent and coherent with their branding. That means companies have to strive to become instantly recognizable by the target audience to the point that whenever a potential customer sees the packaging of a solution, they’ll immediately be able to recognize the brand that the product has been made by. The mind associates specific items to specific things or an activity or even a mindset, and companies have to strive to have that effect on their customers where they’ll be able to immediately recognize the brand from any piece of branding they see. Once again, Coca-Cola has managed to figure this out in an amazing fashion because its branding is constantly consistent with every touch point with its customers. It’s also immediately recognizable by anyone worldwide because of its familiar font and striking color palette.

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