Voice Search and Social Media in Digital Marketing

Even the best companies all over the world use digital marketing strategies to reach their target audiences and their goals. The most successful digital marketing campaigns tend to focus on how a business and its solutions can improve the lives of the target consumers or provide some sort of a solution to their pain points.

Social media

Companies that focus on building brand awareness and increasing their conversions through social media platforms are utilizing social media marketing efforts. With the help of a social media marketing campaign, companies can utilize one, or a variety of social platforms, depending on the target audience and their platform preferences. The core of social media marketing efforts is for companies to increase their brand awareness, as well as conversions, and even maintain or improve a company’s public image. That’s why social media marketing efforts tend to focus on creating promotional and informational content, as well as interacting with the target audience on those platforms. Plenty of social media users tend to rely on those platforms to connect with their friends and family, as well as brands and corporations to keep up to date with each one of them. Companies that don’t have a social media presence, or aren’t active on social media platforms end up giving their target audiences very limiting options on how they can reach out to the company if they have any questions or concerns that require a fast reply. This type of inconvenience for the customers can lead to low retention rates, which directly impacts a company’s revenue and bottom line, which means creating an active presence on social media platforms is crucial for any company these days. Additionally, no matter which industry a company belongs to, word-of-mouth marketing is incredibly powerful, and social media platforms serve as an outlet for customers to express their word-of-mouth recommendations.

Voice search

One of the latest digital marketing strategies that has been in development in the last few years is voice search, where companies optimize their website content for voice search. The goal is to get the business website or its content in the Featured Snippet in Google search results because that featured snippet is generally used by voice assistants to respond to the voice searches of users. That means, if a user asks their voice assistant a specific question, the voice assistant is going to answer by reading out that featured snippet for the search query they asked. The main goal of voice search is for companies to optimize their content so they can earn the featured snippet for any keywords that are relevant to their businesses or target audiences. By being able to rank for that position, companies can increase their search engine visibility to the target audience, which can generate a lot more website traffic, conversions, and revenue. With many people using smartphones and voice-activated speakers and assistants in their daily lives when they make purchases, companies have to adapt to this trend, to be able to stay relevant and attract more customers.

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