Washington State Tourism Marketing RFP

Grays Harbor County

Grays Harbor County is located on the coast of Washington State. It is surrounded by Lewis, Pacific, Jefferson, Mason and Thurston Counties. Grays Harbor County is 1,917 square miles, in area, making it the 15th largest county in Washington State. The population of Grays Harbor County is approximately 68,000.

The agency has $250,000 for a marketing agency to assist the County Tourism Department with the strategic development of a marketing plan.

Grays Harbor County has a wealth of natural resources and tourism assets that include the beautiful Quinault Rain Forest; over 50 miles of pristine beaches that provide some of the best razor‐ clam digging in the world, as well as surfing opportunities; the historic fishing community of Westport that supports world‐class sport fishing ; rich historical and pop‐culture destinations within the cities of Aberdeen, and Montesano; as well as abundant wildlife and outdoor opportunities.

Grays Harbor County administers a tourism promotion program within the operations of the Fairgrounds and Tourism Department.

Scope of Work:

  1. Work with Grays Harbor Tourism in the development of both long‐term and annual, strategic marketing plans that highlight Grays Harbor County’s unique tourism assets. This plan includes, but is not limited to identifying the most effective media outlets to reach specific tourist demographics.
  2. Develop specific, annual media purchase plans that include scheduled run dates and the networks/stations that will be included in each run.
  3. As part of the strategic plan, work with Grays Harbor Tourism in the development of a “value added program”, in which potential marketing and advertising partners are identified to generate new partnership funds, the ability to leverage funds and resources, as well as bonus media opportunities.
  4. Work with Grays Harbor County in the trafficking of up to seven (7) annual, :30 second television commercials, as well as bonus spots that promote Grays Harbor’s tourism assets.
  5. Work closely with the other advertising, marketing and business associates of Grays Harbor Tourism.,

Interested parties must submit proposals by December 15th to Mike Bruner, Fairgrounds and Tourism Manager, at (360) 482‐ 2651 ext. 1870, or by email at mbruner@co.grays‐harbor.wa.us.

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