Website RFP Issued By The Center for Creative Land Recycling

CCLR is the oldest and only national non-profit working exclusively to champion land cleanup and reuse. Our expertise is in cleaning up and redeveloping vacant or contaminated properties, sometimes referred to as “brownfields.” We offer trainings and technical assistance for communities working to turn this land around. CCLR serves as U.S. EPA’s Technical Assistance to Brownfield Communities (TAB) provider in New York, New Jersey, the U.S. Virgin Islands, Puerto Rico, Washington, Oregon, Idaho, California, Nevada, Arizona, Alaska, Hawaii and the Pacific Island territories. Our audience is predominantly land reuse practitioners, which includes attorneys, developers, nonprofits, community groups, and federal, state, and local government government programs and agencies. CCLR seeks a development partner who can coordinate and execute a graceful transition away from our current website, and redeploy with a new design, reorganization, and increased functionality on the front and back ends. Our current web development vendor manages many technical aspects of the site and is available to provide information as needed.

The website:

The website acts as CCLR’s public face, and as a resource hub / distribution channel for the informational materials CCLR provides. The site functions as CCLR’s publishing platform, oriented to long-term hosting of articles and data. Additionally it serves as the landing page for CCLR events and programming. is built on Drupal, but we are open to switching platforms. The code base includes a number of customized elements, however many of these are no longer useful and may not be included in a new site, including a CiviCRM integration which we no longer use.

Scope of Work:

The following goals are meant to give a brief overview of CCLR’s needs for a new website:

● User friendly from the back end (staff should be able to easily perform all basic editing of content and some changes in design and structure)

● Clean, modern design 

● Updated copy on existing pages 

● Home page with priority links to blogs, resources, events 

● Donation and donor/Member recognition pages

● Continues to host our extensive library of resources, including state resources and archived webinars and workshops, but in an organized and user-friendly manner with a query/search function

● Member portal/paywall for certain resources 

● Redesigned events section with easy ability to create landing pages for events from large conferences to individual webinars.

● Mobile responsive 

● ADA compliant 

Staffing Model: 

CCLR currently outsources all website development services. CCLR’s full-time Communications Coordinator oversees website development, and acts as liaison between our staff and our web development agency. However, a main goal of this website update is to move to a site that staff will be easily able to add to and edit internally. CCLR also retains a vendor for IT administration and support services unrelated to the website. CCLR is open to different development methodologies.

Due Date:

February 10, 2021


Rachel Ross at

Finn Partners and Zeno Group are agencies worth considering.

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