Wedding planner marketing

The pandemic has brides wearing masks but that does not draw attention away from the fact that the U.S. wedding market is a $60 billion industry. For couples, to wait for a grand ceremony at an indefinite date would strip the big day of all its fun. Some put the big day on hold, while some moved forward with their ceremonies inspiring a trend of ‘mini-monies’. However, only 4% of couples have canceled their weddings entirely. Given below are certain marketing strategies that would help wedding planner services stand out in their efforts.

1) Appear unique– With plenty of wedding planners, it is important for a business to focus on what makes it better than its competitors. Think about unique features and services that you bring to the table. Maybe there are qualified interior designers who work for you who can transform any ordinary space into something magical. Maybe you can focus on brides with a budget.

2) Get certified – Quite a few couples look for wedding planners who have completed certification, training, or education relevant to their field. Certification can help a business stand out. Having certification is great for the credibility of a business as this can be shared with potential clients. A client will be more inclined to hire a company’s services if they know that they are certified to plan weddings.

3) Focus on financial benefits- Clients can sometimes be deterred by the expenses of hiring a wedding planner. To appear better than your competitors you need to focus on the financial benefits of hiring a wedding planner. You can also convince your potential customers how hiring a planner is worth the investment.

4) Capitalize on new trends – With the industry constantly shifting, it is important to keep up-to-date on wedding trends. There have been live-stream weddings in the past year where planners have included remote guests. . Use keywords such as backyard weddings, micro weddings, and COVID weddings in websites, blog posts, social media posts as hashtags. This will help reach potential customers.

5) Get featured in publications – Think of ways to get featured in publications like magazines, wedding blogs, local, and national news publications. Not only will this increase brand awareness but it will also lead to an increase in the domain authority of the website of a business, as long as the links to the website are included in the articles. If the service has appeared in a publication, it should be shared across all social media channels. The website can include a ‘press’ section with links to any article that mentions the business or features it in any way. Every article does not have to be an insightful feature on the business. Quotes and social media embeds can be equally effective.

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