What are the Different Types or Forms of Media?

Different types of media have been used by brands or companies to communicate with their target audience. The importance of media cannot be understated – because it allows people to receive relevant information. Media has been used as a source of information, entertainment, and as a way to learn new things. Over time, the forms of media that are primarily in use have changed.

Media can be classified into three types – print, broadcast, and internet. While print media is the oldest form of media, in current times, internet media is the most relevant.

Print Media

A long time ago, print media used to be the only method of delivering relevant information to the public. Print media is the oldest form of media, and has been used for entertainment, advertisements, and as a source of information. It was the only way the public could gain access to news and important information for a long period of time. While print media is usually thought of as newspapers or magazines, it can include numerous other forms as well:

Newspapers – Most newspapers have been printed daily or weekly, and covered news about world events, politics, sports, and local/national events. They also covered entertainment news, such as information related to celebrities or fashion.

Magazines – Magazines were printed less frequently – on a weekly, monthly, quarterly, or annual basis. Magazines usually covered news and information about one specific niche.

Books – Books, both fiction and non-fiction, are a means to convey relevant information or to entertain the reader.

Banners, Billboards, Brochures, and Flyers – These forms of media were primarily used for advertising purposes, or to relate important information about a brand or company to the public.

Broadcasting Media

Broadcasting media consists of videos, audios, and any other audio-visual content that can provide relevant information to the public or entertain them. It includes the following methods of sharing information or messages:

Television – Television is one of the media forms that are still widely used. There are numerous channels that show different types of content, and usually carry advertisements that target a certain demographic.

Radio – Radio used to be a popular form of media in the past, but it is losing ground in recent times. Nonetheless, a number of people still use the radio to listen to music, the news, and receive weather updates.

Movies – Movies have been one of the most popular forms of media that have been accessible in the past century. Movies can be entertaining, or they can carry a message to promote a social cause. It may also be used as a method to promote different cultures. 

Internet Media

In recent times, the internet has become the primary platform that is used for communication and for the delivery of important information. The internet now fulfills all the tasks that traditional media used to fulfill – such as getting the news, finding entertainment, receiving crucial information, or as a platform to advertise to people. Websites on the internet can provide content in the form of text, audio, and video. The different types of internet media includes the following:

Social media – These are websites that allow users to interact with each other, or generate/promote content.

Forums – These are places of discussion, where different users can talk about a particular topic that interests them.

Podcasts – Podcasts have taken the place of radio shows, where people can listen to certain hosts talk about topics that interest them.

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