What Is the Best Marketing Campaign of 2020?

We conducted a series of interviews and got a variety of responses from people about “What is 2020’s best marketing campaign.”  – although The Last Mile from Volkswagen – got ample praise. 

Here are some answers:

According to Sam Willamson, head of marketing for CBDiablo, “Early in the year we saw the campaign called The Last Mile from Volkswagen, which was a tribute to their Beetle car as the company move to make all of their new Beetles electric. The campaign was led by an animated video which shows the evolution of the Beetle as told from the perspective of a young boy. It’s quite an emotional video in many ways, and makes you appreciate the importance of the Beetle car, with plenty of pop culture references included throughout the video.”

Carolyn Cairns, a Marketing Manager with Creation BCI  agreed, saying “One of the best marketing campaigns of 2020 so far is Volkswagen’s “The Last Mile” Campaign which bids its goodbye to it’s most iconic and popular car, the Beetle, as it transitions into a more environmental friendly model and going fully electric. The ad paid homage to significant previous campaigns and even referenced characters like Andy Warhol who created a tribute through an artwork and Kevin Bacon who drove the car in the movie “Footlose”. It clearly showed how popular and iconic the car is within popular culture.”

Matt Scott, owner of Termite Survey says, “Gilette’s “The Best Men Can Be” Campaign may have been overshadowed by the pandemic but it shouldn’t be passed over. It is definitely one of the best marketing campaigns of 2020. It made a call for men to be a better version of themselves by not objectifying women and getting rid of toxic masculinity. The #MeToo movement helped spark conversations which increased awareness all while increasing the brand’s publicity.”

Samantha Moss, editor of  Romantific said that the best marketing campaign of 2020 was “Sephora on inclusivity – to kick off the Pride month they launched an ad campaign that celebrates LGBTQ, non-binary, and gender fluidity through a video with relevant and beautiful messages. The “Identify as We” campaign is a very inspiring video campaign that signifies their “We Belong to Something Beautiful” campaign which features influencers.”

Its only about half way through 2020 – and there’s many great marketing campaigns to come.

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