What is the Deinfluencing Trend and How Should Brands Respond

A new trend emerged on the social media platform TikTok recently, called “deinfluencing”. This is where influencers create content that encourages others to not buy certain products in the interest of saving their money. This trend is popular in the lifestyle and beauty communities. It’s filled with videos of users talking about popular products that are overhyped and not worth their price. 

“Deinfluencing” content

The “deinfluencing” videos on TikTok show people talking about products they’ve purchased throughout the years. Some of them have said that they’re trying to get rid of them to avoid spending too much. Others say they don’t feel comfortable with overconsumption. These creators offer tips on how people can save more money. They also urge viewers to think before making purchases. Influencer marketing campaigns use influencers for endorsements that generate sales. On the other hand, “deinfluencing” is all about urging the consumers to avoid making purchases.

Changes with the trend

Critics believe higher consumption rates lead to more production. That leads to a higher exploitation of natural resources and harms the environment.  For this reason, influencer marketing campaigns have been criticized across social media platforms. Critics think that influencer campaigns encourage overconsumption. As a result, social media influencers are now using deinfluencing as a different approach with their audiences. This is a good way for them to avoid the critics and separate themselves from other influencers. It’s also a strategy to gain the trust of their audiences and keep up with their needs. When it comes to “influencing” and “deinfluencing”, the core concept is still the same.  That is to influence the buying patterns of customers.


A few different brands and their products have been at the center of the “deinfluencing” trend. Apple and the AirPods Pro Max, and the Stanley Cup are among some of the more popular ones. If a brand finds itself or its products on a deinfluencer’s list, there are a few things it can do. The best strategy is for companies to only work with influencers in their specific niche. These people should have a positive reputation with their followers, and be very engaged. This way, companies can find a better balance between organic and paid content. Additionally, they will get to work with influencers that know how to best communicate with the niche audience. Sooner or later, this trend in influencer marketing is going to change, as others have in the past.

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