Whatcom Transportation Authority (WTA) Issues Marketing RFP


Whatcom transportation Authority (WTA) Issues Marketing RFP

WTA is the public transportation provider for Whatcom County, Washington. WTA offers fixed route, paratransit and vanpool service throughout Whatcom. On our fixed route service, we provide 4.6 million rides each year. WTA enjoys strong community support and many beneficial partnerships. Our ridership compares favorably to that of our peers around the state and throughout the nation. WTA seeks to achieve the following outcomes through its marketing communications:

  • Build community support and positive awareness about WTA services
  • Promote WTA as a customer‐focused, cost‐effective agency delivering a valuable public service
  • Increase fixed route and vanpool ridership
  • Increase participation in Whatcom Smart Trips program (whatcomsmarttrips.org)
  • Communicate with riders of all service modes (fixed route, paratransit, zone service and vanpool


WTA currently performs some marketing services work in house including copywriting, marketing promotion development, publication writing and media relations. Contracted marketing and communications services are used on an as‐needed basis.

WTA’s marketing efforts are currently primarily focused on the following:

  • Promotion of annual events, such as Free Fare Week
  • Promotion and notification of new routes and service
  • Notification of changes to fare media
  • Promotion of Smart Trips, and Smart Trips programs

WTA seeks to continue these efforts, while improving on the following:

  • Creating and implementing marketing plans to achieve the outcomes listed in the Introduction, above
  • Effective use of digital media
  • Positive social media engagement
  • Ability to target specific populations, for example youth, seniors, people with disabilities, rural populations, people with limited English proficiency,

Scope of Work:

WTA is seeking a marketing services firm with demonstrated expertise in the following:

  • Effective, strategic marketing plans
  • Graphic design and copy writing
  • Branding
  • Social media engagement including promotional marketing and advertising for digital, broadcast and print media
  • Educational videos and photo shoots
  • Effective signage, and other visual displays
  • Effective educational and promotional brochures
  • Activities to reach specific populations, for example youth, seniors, people with disabilities, rural populations, people with limited English proficiency,
  • Measuring the effectiveness of promotional activities
  • Budget oversight and shared responsibility for cost control

The marketing services firm will act as an extension of the marketing team, for both WTA and Smart Trips. This would include:

  • Taking a prominent role in creating marketing plans
  • Creating materials and activities to promote campaigns and projects

The Firm will recommend ideas and materials that reflect the best, most effective practices available in the industry.

Due Date:

  June 14th


Whatcom Transportation Authority

4011 Bakerview Spur Road

Bellingham, WA 98226

Phone (360) 788‐9332

Fax (360) 788‐9532


Strong social media PR firms include Finn Partners.

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