When to Write a Press Release

Press releases should be written when a company has updates to share. A successful press release must be interesting and newsworthy. Below are some examples of when a business should write a press release and how to craft one that is interesting.  


When writing a press release about a new partnership, the title should include the names of the companies involved. The first sentence should give an idea of what the partnership does. The second paragraph should include a detailed explanation of the business and there should also be quotes from the leaders of the companies. Information that makes the work of media easier should be included such as contact information.

Fundraising event

The main purpose of a press release on a fundraising event is to alert the media that an event is upcoming. The local media should be encouraged to cover the event itself and the public should be informed on what the fundraising is for, such as sharing how the funds will be used. Fundraising releases should seek to attract the attention of not only journalists, but also bloggers and investors. There should also be a clear call to action in the release so that supporters can know how to act. A human-interest factor, such including details on how the business has helped the community in the past, is also helpful to readers.

Community involvement

If a brand is involved with a community and has received recognition and awards for it, it’s important to share that news. The press release that covers such topics should be informative and should speak about the involvement of the organization with its community and the impact it has had through its efforts. 

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