Will More Traditional PR Take Back Its Place From SEO Marketing?

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For a time, it looked like traditional news garnering might be breathing it’s last, conceding victory to SEO. But recently PR is finding its place again and figuring out how to move forward. Here are some of the ways PR can gain ground again.

More with less

For the 70 percent of American companies that fall in the small to mid-size range, one tactic showing results is to not make big and splashy attempts at garnering news and social media coverage, but instead to have a steady flow of smaller announcements and stories. But the more important side is getting it out to news outlets. Facebook and other social media sites are always changing their numbers and algorithms, and you can bet that the ultimate benefit is not to the businesses, even when you pay to get the word out, limits are still firmly in place to keep most social media posts from gaining much traction in the marketplace.

Research Options

Look into new service sites, one possibility, if the business is tech-related, is Newsfactor Network. These services allow you to post a press release or story, and they share it with a dozen or more news sites in their network simultaneously. They claim using their service can increase the number of publication or quotes from your release by 300-500 percent or more. Resulting in the company moving toward the top of the Google Search lists. Such services have a fee attached, but it is worth spending some time to find a similar service specializing in your niche to see what they offer and their usual results.

Survey SEO


Whether you are sending the information to various sites directly or using a service, do what you can to include one or more links back to the business website, links make it easy for potential customers to check what you offer and bring in new customers you might not otherwise have gotten.


Yes, you already know good content is vital. But here’s something to try if you haven’t done so before. Create content that is not based on any specific event. Think about it, have you read a story on social media or elsewhere that you know you’ve read before, maybe even a few years earlier. It’s interesting enough you keep reading, even though you already know the story or the outcome. Why? Because it’s a good story!

Think about that favorite movie or book … you can quote lines, even entire sections … that’s because you still love it, the story continues to touch something inside. Well, it’s the same thing with a story you tell to customers, make it good enough they want to read it over and over again. Make it good enough that third parties want to keep sharing it with the people on their friends or followers lists. If the story isn’t tied to an event being announced, then the sharing could go on for years.

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