Submission Deadline –no later than 5:00 PM on Monday, October 30, 2023.

Funds Available Under Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act of 2014

In partnership with state and local partners and the Greater Memphis Workforce Development Board,

Workforce Mid-South leads, directs and oversees the public workforce system in the Greater Memphis

region as a part of the American One-Stop Job Center Network. We convene and partner with business,

labor, training and education providers, nonprofits, and diverse community stakeholders to support an

inclusive and dynamic regional economy and shared prosperity.

Workforce Mid-South leads the way in connecting job seekers and employers, providing skills training

and work opportunities for youth and adults, analyzing and sharing data to educate the public on

workforce needs, and aligning community partners around workforce initiatives to help make Greater

Memphis a place of economic opportunity for all.

Through programs and partnerships with service providers across the region, Workforce Mid-South

ensures that job seekers have access to opportunities and have the skills employers need. Workforce MidSouth, either directly or through contracted service providers, offers an array of services to support

residents and businesses in Shelby, Fayette, Lauderdale and Tipton Counties in West Tennessee. Whether

you are a job seeker, young adult, or a business or community partner, Workforce Mid-South connects

customers to assistance to be actively engaged in the local workforce.

At Workforce Mid-South, we believe individuals and communities prosper when residents have access to

gainful employment and businesses have access to a skilled workforce; that way, the people who live or

work in our region have the opportunity to thrive.

Workforce Mid-South, Inc. (WMS) serves as the administrative and fiscal entity for the Greater Memphis

Local Workforce Development Board (GMLWDB). rough WMS is soliciting quotes for a comprehensive

outreach and awareness campaign to inform targeted market stakeholder audiences about the array of

services available through the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act, the American Job Center System and workforce development related information specific to our geographic region.

The proposed strategy should be guided by the Department of Labor Employment and Training

Administration’s newly released TEGL 03-23; but we are seeking a comprehensive strategy to reach several distinct audiences and may include radio, television, social media, billboards, influencers, podcasts and any other form or direct to the audience channels.


Workforce Mid-South (WMS), GMLWDB, a proud partner of the American Job Center network, is an Equal Opportunity Employer. The Career Center System is an Employer/Equal Opportunity Program. Auxiliary aids and services are available upon request to individuals with disabilities. 

This proposal is for, and provide qualifications for relevant experience, and examples of work as required

in Section 3 – Proposal Format.

2.1 Bidder shall provide a sample of the following for strategic outreach campaign:

• Overall campaign conceptualizing the primary objective of increasing brand awareness and customer knowledge of available products and services over a 24-month period.

2.2 Bidder shall propose pricing and design concepts for creation of the following:

• 3-minute organizational overview video for local website

• A series of 15 to 30 second ad spots targeting each of the following audiences: 1.) youth/young adults (14-24 years old); 2.) long-term unemployed adults; 3.) working, lowincome adults needing to upskill; 4.) Business/Employers. Other targeted groups may include veterans, justice-impacted individuals, industry-specific training projects, ect.

• Digital “explainer” videos to be utilized by the public within the American Job Center network

• Print Assets

• Social media content creation specific to identified target audiences

• Production of American Job Center Orientation Video to be viewed by every incoming customer

• List of no less than 4 social media “influencers” to be leveraged to reach targeted customer populations and the cost/scope of how those individuals will be secured and incorporated into the overall plan

2.3 Bidder shall provide a sample of the following for design and content:

• Produced informational video

• Produced video ad

• Radio ad

• Social media campaign including results

2.4 Bidders shall provide the following:

• Estimated time, effort & cost for initial deliverable creation

• Estimated number of monthly hours needed for on-going effort with hourly rate or flat monthly fee

• Clear timeline for deliverables

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