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Working At Cohn Wolfe

Cohn and Wolfe is a public relations agency with a global reach that promises its clients all the basic tools they need along with plenty of added extras too. This company dedicates itself to offering the perfect tailored experience for every organization with a network that reaches across Asia, Europe, Africa, Latin America, and many other locations too.

Cohn and Wolfe is a subsidiary of the WPP which is the world’s largest conglomerate of communications which means that they have fantastic access to all the resources that their clients could need.

Leadership and Clients:

Though Cohn Wolfe has expanded over the years and now reaches across the globe they have retained their spirit as an entrepreneur and creative company. They’re constantly seeking for new ways to jump ahead of the competition and frequently think outside of the box for their clients to deliver bold and unique marketing experiences.

The current CEO of Cohn Wolfe is Donna Imperato. She has guided the agency all the way from its days as a boutique company into the huge international powerhouse it is today. Donna remains a hands-on and active leader as well as a client advisor, and still loves every piece of client work she takes on.

Though Cohn Wolfe works in various areas of communication and reputation management they state that their specialty is branding. The organization helps other companies to find their identity in their chosen industry and work alongside some of the biggest brands in the world. Just a handful of the clients on Cohn Wolfe’s list include the Mandarin Hotel Group, Panasonic, Hennessy, and Exxonmobil.

Perks and Problems:

Cohn Wolfe offers a unique place for PR professionals to go to work. The environment they maintain is more risk-oriented and entrepreneurial than of the other agencies that are a similar size. The company prizes employees who can offer unique ideas and brand opportunities so anyone who likes to explore new concepts will fit in well here.

Previous employees reviewing Cohn Wolfe say that the company offers plenty of development opportunities, and the team environment is supportive, creative and fun. On top of that, the salary for Cohn Wolfe is competitive and the benefits are great too. However, the nature of a PR agency means that there are times when professionals will need to work later than they expect.


Cohn Wolfe specializes in brand building and development but also offer a range of services that branch out across public relations and public affairs. As well as relationship and reputation management, the company also offers brand planning and research, digital marketing, and social media expertise.

Getting a Job with Cohn & Wolfe:

Cohn Wolfe is currently searching for curious and creative talent to fill the gaps in their inspirational team. They like people who don’t always fit with the status quo and expect anyone who applies for a job to be willing to prove themselves in a hands-on environment. Cohn Wolfe advertises their open positions on their website here:

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