Wyoming Seeks Public Relations Firm

Wyoming Seeks Public Relations Firm

The State of Wyoming is seeking a qualified public relations firm for services that include the development and implementation of a media, public relations and influencer program. The successful agency will coordinate all services with key WOT staff, including the Executive Director, Senior Director of Brand Strategy and the Media + Public Relations Manager.


The Wyoming Office of Tourism (WOT) is the only state agency charged with bringing non-resident visitors to the state of Wyoming by promoting the state as a vacation destination to both domestic and international audiences. The local tourism industry relies on WOT to create an umbrella marketing campaign, promoting Wyoming as an ideal vacation destination and positioning Wyoming against competitive brands as the destination of choice. Tourism continues to be the second largest industry in the state and is an important economic driver, welcoming over 8.5 million visitors in 2016.

Our Mission

The Wyoming Office of Tourism’s mission is to promote and facilitate increased travel to and within the state of Wyoming. WOT strives to lead the industry in innovative and competitive methods that inspire travel for the sustainable economic and social benefits tourism brings to Wyoming communities and residents. For more information please visit TravelWyoming.com/industry.

Scope of Work:

Services of the agency may include:

  • Creation, development, implementation and management of a 12-month regional, national and international media outreach strategy (consumer and industry outlets), including ongoing media pitching, fulfillment of media requests, media and PR events (receptions, blitzes, deskside appointments, etc.) in target media and geographic markets to support WOT’s campaigns, initiatives and publicity efforts. This may also include creative and forward-thinking PR campaigns to support seasonal advertising and business-to-business efforts.
  • Development of a strategic public relations and media outreach plan that includes daily, monthly or quarterly outreach to key travel writers, journalists and influencers as WOT and agency work to develop strong relationships.
  • Creation and management of editorial calendar containing timeframes, target lists, etc. for projects and pitches.
  • Creation and management of recommended target market and media lists for print, social, digital and broadcast outlets. These lists, both geographically and demographically, will be developed in alignment with Wyoming’s brand and strategic objectives.
  • Production and/or support of campaign activations with events/promotions in coordination with consumer advertising and travel trade campaigns and efforts.
  • Tracking of media coverage, engagement, reach and value (print, digital, social and broadcast) for monthly reports, including program ROI and qualitative measurement results.
  • Tracking and reporting of quarterly, campaign and annual reports of PR department and efforts.
  • Coordination with WOT and partners for key market press and influencer trips.
  • Collaborative work with WOT’s departments—Strategic Partnerships, Global Sales and Services (GSS), research, advertising, etc.—to further key messages and develop and grow relationships.
  • Monthly submission of a detailed spreadsheet that gives an update on the status of budget.
  • Participation in conference calls with Media + PR Manger, as well as other WOT vendors, to provide updates on projects, cross-department collaboration opportunities, strategic partnerships, etc.
  • Expected travel to Wyoming six (6) times per year for in-person meetings (at the agency’s expense).
  • Assistance with in-market trainings, roundtables, etc. to help cull Wyoming story ideas and educate industry partners on best ways to work with media and influencers. This may include in-person meetings, assistance with presentations, etc.
  • Obtaining the verbal and/or written consent of WOT prior to the replacement of any previously approved account team member. WOT has the right to approve or disapprove of any of the agency’s personnel assigned to the account. The agency shall agree and understand that WOT shall have the right to request replacement of any person assigned to the account team for any reason. Unless the situation requires immediate replacement, the agency shall have fourteen (14) calendar days after notification to replace the account team member.

Due Date:

December 5


2800 Central Ave
Cheyenne, WY 82002

Strong tourism focused PR firms include Coyne PR and 5WPR.

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