Zapaday: Tomorrow APP Shows Global News Headlines for the Week Ahead


A new app, called suggestively “Tomorrow” attempts to predict the future in headlines. The app, which is freely available in the Apple App Store, displays future news on international affairs, politics, economics, product launches, festivals and much more. If you’d like to know the future, this could come in handy.

Zapaday is not the first online entity trying to predict the future. We reviewed in the past an extraordinary innovation, Recorded Future – a temporal analytics engine that delivers relevant information before it happens., on the other hand, is still in alpha and can only be accessed on request – we will attempt to gain access for a more in depth review in the following days. But in theory, both entities do the same thing, although Zapaday at a smalled scale (only 4000 news websites). They are crawling the web to find announcements of future events, calendars and similar information.

Zapaday REVIEW

Zapaday users can create and publish their own events and calendars, re-using events and calendars of others. Recorded Future users have a wealth of options, being able to employ the platform for media analytics – to monitor brands (as in yours versus your competitor’s); for journalistic purposes (to learn what happens next with an entity/event you want to cover on your publication); client development, M&A research, and litigation management; or to simply visualize relationships between firms, products, analysts, and their key stakeholders.

Zapaday’s Tomorrow app is valuable as it is “portable” – you can upload it on your iPhone and see the future on the go: “If you often feel an urge to check the latest news on your phone, you can now see tomorrow’s news. And next week’s news,” – said Stefan Hoevenaar, the company’s founder.

In the video below you can see how can help journalists, bloggers, political analysts, marketers, event organizers and PR professionals to get insights, plan ahead and save time.

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