Zero Waste Marin Marketing RFP Issued

Proposal packages will be received through Friday, June 14, 2024 by 4:00pm local time.

Submittal instructions can be found herein. The Marin County Hazardous and Solid Waste Management Joint Powers Authority, also known

as Zero Waste Marin, is seeking to contract for Marketing and Communications Consulting

Support as described in this solicitation.

Any proposer who wishes their proposal to be considered is responsible for making certain that

the completed proposal, including all RFP documents, is received by the proper time.

Proposals received after the scheduled submittal deadline will be returned unopened.

Copies, alternative formats and auxiliary aids of this RFP will be made available upon request

by contacting Casey Fritz at


Project Specifics

There are several main goals for this contract:

I. To clarify Zero Waste Marin branding and identity for the public, with the goal of

having Marin County residents, businesses, and schools understand who we are and

what we do.

II. Develop an overarching communications strategy.

III. Update and create relevant outreach collateral for online and in-person distribution.

IV. To create and publicize campaigns focused on a specific call to action. These

campaigns will be in alignment with previous campaigns, which can be found at

V. To create videos or additional media as necessary to facilitate participation and

compliance with Zero Waste Marin programs or relevant laws and ordinances.

VI. To identify new ways to make outreach and education more accessible and equitable across a variety of audiences.


Anticipated deliverables of the contract are detailed in the table below.

Deliverable Description of Deliverable

Identity Analysis & Recommendations

Complete an identity analysis of Zero Waste Marin, with a focus on how Zero Waste Marin presents itself. Recommendations will focus on how Zero Waste Marin can make branding and identity clearer.



Compile an overarching, comprehensive communications strategy that is based in data (e.g. what do our communities need and value from us?), incorporates findings from the Identity Analysis, and prioritizes equity and accessibility.

Outreach Collateral

Work with Zero Waste Marin staff to identify and design outreach collateral to support Zero Waste Marin’s programs, including but not limited to: the Schools Program, Construction & Demolition/self-haul, the Household Hazardous Waste Program, and more.

Call-to-Action Campaign(s)

In alignment with previous Campaigns, propose, design, and implement County-wide campaigns focused on an aspect of waste reduction or handling.

Zero Waste Marin staff will work with the chosen contractor on the topic and content of these campaigns.

Videos or Additional Media

Complete videos or additional media; this could include but is not limited to “how to” videos aimed at helping various sectors comply with State laws, highlight videos of certain successful sites, or photography needed for campaigns and outreach.

Needs for videos and additional media will be determined in coordination with Zero Waste Marin staff.

DE&I Analysis and Recommendations

Identify ways that Zero Waste Marin can improve equity and access in current outreach efforts and make actionable recommendations to improve.

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