How to promote your business’ blog on social media


Blogs are being posted all over the internet every second of the day and there are countless amounts of them just waiting to be read. With so much competition, it can seem like an impossible task to try and get your business blog to stand out.

Twitter Abuse – A Perpetually Evolving Scandal

Twitter abuse

Everyday, 53 million tweets fly across the Twitter universe. These tweets cover a very wide range of subjects, from television shows to the minute details of a user’s private life. In today’s modern world, nothing is considered out of bounds when it comes to updating your social media profiles.

The perils of rebranding your organisation


When it comes to the branding of your organisation, it’s important to remember that it has a big influence on how your customers perceive you. With long-standing brands in particular, the brand is synonymous with the company and its values so changing it can have far-reaching repercussions.

Business to Business PR: When Advertising and Media Relations Clash

Car ads

It’s been a bad month in the world of automobile advertising as two companies have had to employ crisis PR: Ford and Hyundai.

There is often a cross-over between the world of advertising and PR, with another car manufacturer, Honda in tandem with their PR agency, doing it to superb and memorable effect back in 2008.