Why optimizing content for audiences trumps SERPs in 2014


Ultimately, SEO is having your website found in the search engines by people interested in your products or services. It’s a very profitable traffic source because most times there is much intent behind each search. As people caught on, they took SEO more seriously and began investing heavily in the channel.

The Climate Change Imperative [by Richard Edelman]


I went to the home of Professor Jeffrey Sachs, director of The Earth Institute at Columbia University, last night for dinner. Sachs, a Harvard classmate (one of those people you identified at age 18 as having superior intellect), has taken a leadership role in the Sustainable Development Solutions Network (SDSN), a coalition of academics, business and non-governmental organizations.

How to Create a Better User Experience for Your Website

User experience

The age of digital marketing is now heading towards a better and advanced experience for the users. Having a positive user experience as one of your primary focuses could help you stand out among the rest of your competitors given that you’re able to satisfy the needs of your target audience, for websites, they are your visitors.

The Summer Job [by Richard Edelman]

Richard Edelman

Last night was the annual party for the interns at Edelman New York. As I do every year, I spend time with them, ask questions, listen, give advice when asked, avoid beer pong and other potentially hazardous activities and do my best to fit in.

The 2014 Academic Summit [by Richard Edelman]

Richard Edelman speaks

Edelman hosted its sixth Academic Summit last week at DePaul University in Chicago. We had over 80 professors of communications, marketing and public relations for a three day event. Many of our clients, including HP, GE, Starbucks, SC Johnson, Samsung, Darden, Gap, CVS Caremark, DMI, ConAgra and Mars, spoke to the academics.

All Aboard: Next Stop the Real Europe


“Only behind closed doors … and even then only in whispers, bygone days may be over at last.” Today an upheaval is going on in Europe, for the first time in the 21st century, Europeans are willing to assume joint responsibility for foreign policy. And in Berlin today, no less.”

Zeta Interactive On The Ultimate Creative Advantage

David A. Steinberg

Big Data has been called many things: interesting, compelling, workable, complex, nuanced, overwhelming, helpful … many things. But, no matter what it’s called, the most important description of Big Data comes from how it is being used. Businesses who have implemented Big Data analysis correctly and simply, call it a great creative advantage.

An Open “Bill of Lading” to Vladimir Putin from “We” the Union of Hacks

Holger Eekhof - researcher, human rights activist, strategist.

Since before the Sochi Olympics a media war targeting Russia here President Vladimir Putin has raged in the western mainstream press. Fighting back at first with positive moves and the reality of the Olympic movement at Sochi 2014, Russian media simply told the other side of the story. An open letter to the Russian people reveals the tens of thousands of supporters Russia has, and unpaid supporters too.

The Cannes Lion for PR Is Home at Last [by Richard Edelman]

Edelman at Cannes

Tonight in Cannes, France, the Chipotle Scarecrow campaign won two Golden Lions and the Grand Prix for PR. This marks the first time that a PR firm has actually won the coveted Grand Prix award. In prior years, I would gnash my teeth and break pencils when I learned that ad agencies had invaded our space and had done a better job of convincing the judges. PR firms have learned how to play the game, with visually arresting content to go with the usual high substance and top class results.