Infographic Shows: Women Power Social Media

Woman winking

There’s an old saying, I believe it was Robert Frost who coined it; “Being the boss anywhere is lonely. Being a female boss in a world of mostly men is especially so.” To say that women are really in control in our world is not fallacy, and the same holds true in the communicative sense in social media. The inforgraphic below pretty much illustrates what power women exert in our digital, wired, and oh so technological media. Check out what you already probably knew.

Your Yahoo Webcam: GCHQ Big Brother Nightmare Continues


According to a report at the UK’s Guardian, Britain’s GCHQ operation “Optic Nerve” spied on and saved millions of people’s private chat imagery in between 2008 and 2010. According to NSA wistleblower Edward Snowden documents provided, GCHQ randomly saved Yahoo webcam chat images every five minutes, including sexually explicit ones.

How Nicholas Sparks Made the Most of Valentine’s Day

Nicholas Sparks

In recent years, no romance author has scored as many hits as Nicholas Sparks. The author of many hugely popular books, several of which have been made into “must see” movies for romantic movie fans, Nicholas Sparks’ marketing team had the author all teed up, and ready to swing for a major public relations win on Valentine’s Day.

Secure the Future Reveals Top Economic Trends for the Next Decade

Harry S. Dent

Leading marketing experts and financial forecasters from Australia and the USA are joining forces to raise over $100000 in support of the Australian Cancer Research Foundation. For this purpose, StreetSmart Marketing Australia will organize two special benefit “Secure the Future” conferences this month, in Sydney, and Brisbane. Guest of honor for both events is American […]

MWW Tracks “What Mattered More” Via President Obama’s #SOTU


MWW, one of the world’s most influential PR agencies, has run an analysis of the social media conversation surrounding the State of the Union speech by President Obama last night. The analysis tracked online conversation volume and sentiment across several social media platforms in an effort to better understand the American people’s sentiment over the speech.