European Parliament Fights Gender-based Violence on Women’s Day

preventing violence against women

Violence against women is an unpleasant, uncomfortable truth, all over the world. The European Parliament decided to use the International Women’s Day celebration today as an occasion to raise awareness on issues related to gender-based violence. The following infographic shows that gender inequality is still dominant, despite constant efforts to set the balance straight. More […]

The PR Move that Saves Google Some Face


Google, at last, gives the impression that it is ready to listen, and to proactively engage with webmasters. If you are a website owner, and want a Google expert to take a look at it, you have your chance next Monday.

Here’s Why Google’s PR Problems Are Real

Google burns

The times when we all defended Google as the best search engine out there are gone. Gone because of Google’s greed, gone because of Google’s abuse of power, gone because of Google’s cockyness. If you don’t believe it, ask Jon Evans, or ask Ben Kemp, who makes a very articulate case. Like them, there are […]