Will Obama Answer to a Forgotten America?

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The Obama administration, the Neo-Cons, they’ve set the stage for “Russia to the rescue” in Europe. Maybe across the planet. The west’s plan to isolate Russia, is as likely to backfire setting American adrift in a sea of mistrust.

Celebrity PR and the Power of Association

Sheldon Big Bang

Last week, the Critics’ Choice TV awards announced its nominees and winners in several categories. Typically, there were some familiar shows among both the nominees and the award recipients. And, of course, there were some surprises. Orange is the New Black beat out network giants like The Big Bang Theory and cable stalwarts such as Veep for Best Comedy Series, underscoring the streaming entertainment revolution, and the fading relevance of the major networks.

The “Catch 22″ of Clinton-Bush-Obama Puppeteer Politics

Bush, Obama, and Clinton

At this point in world history Americans are simply going to have to come to terms with the fact presidents are puppets controlled by the wrong puppeteer. There’s no more clear indication of this than the situation of ISIS in Syria and Iraq. A failing economy emblazoned by President Clinton, a war for profit begun by George Bush the junior, and an oh so Un-Nobel worthy Barrack Obama have all but ruined America.

Do Yandex Signals Indicate Massive Move Into Mobile Search?

Putin and Arkady Volozh

Yandex, Russia’s Google competitor, has just bought classified car selling site Auto.ru for $175 million. But the bigger news is, Yandex may soon become what Google was to hundreds of millions of Internet users. With the ramping up of last year’s Yandex Islands (video), the gripping addition of “”Sibir” reverse image search tech, city guides, their Foursquare variant, and their massive lean toward E-Commerce and web search this month reveal another Russia challenge to western business as usual.

The Big Stink: Revealing the Mess That is Washington

Tar Sands Blockage

Days after the Euromaidan protests brought about a regime change in Ukraine, the newly formed government decreed “Russian” an invalid language. Days. Now vested interests in the United States, operating through their congressional intermediaries, elected officials, are attempting to brand Russians forever as aggressors. A bill before the Senate could change history, if you let it.

When Human Dignity Departs: America and Israel Go Their Separate Ways

Swearing-in Ceremony of the Givati Brigade

Fundamental divisions between the people of nations, religions, and ideologies seem to be surfacing more frequently these days. Now protestants in America, having long since been in adamant support of the state of Israel, trend to side with Palestinians over their plight. Some would say, the travesty of human dignity’s decline in the Middle East is turning point in Israel’s relations with others.

Are Strange Alaska Quakes “Energy” Related?

Coal methane

A series of Alaska earthquakes have experts puzzled as an area of supposed low-seismicity in the remote northwest is repeatedly hit by tremors recently. The events, all of similar magnitude, has frightened the Eskimo population there, who have never experienced quakes before. The uniqueness of these events coincide with strange quakes occurring in Oklahoma, which some experts contend have to do with extensive “fracking” for natural gas there. Here’s some interesting detail on what’s going on in the far frozen north.

A Reader Wanted to Know Gawker; Are You Guys Black Hats?

Gawker founder

A question from a reader prompted me to wonder whether or not media gossip outlet Gawker is using sites that they control (like Kinja example John Cook) to aggregate backlinks and improve their organic search rankings? With hundreds of Kinja domains in the pie, some say massive back-linking to Gawker articles presents conflicts Google’s “rules” on linking and content.