How to Use Pinterest When You’re Not a Visually Oriented Brand


Sure, Pinterest works for clothing brands and other retailers—but what about auto parts companies, repair shops, or metal fabrication brands? Are there ways that visually oriented Pinterest can be useful to non-visually oriented brands? To help answer those questions, let’s take a look at four ways to use Pinterest, even when what you sell falls […]

How to Find the Right Blogs to Promote Your Products


Interested in collaborating with bloggers but unsure where to start? You’re not alone. An increasing number of business owners are recognizing the value of tapping into blogger audiences: According to one Sydney Morning Herald article, sending free products to about 40 bloggers helped entrepreneur Tram Tran increase revenue by 50 percent each month. Over at […]

5 Ways to Use the Holiday Season to Your Business Advantage


Christmas is almost here! Are you making the most of it for your business? Whether you realize it or not, the holiday season is a season rich in marketing opportunities. Below, consider five specific ways you can still use this time of year to your business advantage, even now: 1. Holiday Social Media Content According […]

5 Tips for Making the Most of Evernote

Screen Shot 2013-08-30 at 12.25.26 PM

Are you on Evernote? Perhaps you should be. Many people don’t know it, but there’s more to Evernote than simple note taking. In fact, Evernote helps with saving time, staying organized, boosting productivity, and more. Curious about how this free tool could benefit your business? Here are five tips to consider today! 1. Save Ideas […]

Ways Facebook Is Changing Referral Marketing


When someone you trust tells you to try a new cell phone provider, you’re much more likely to do it than when that same company blasts you with ads on TV. This, in essence, is why referral marketing works. People are much more likely to trust their friends than strangers—and that’s never been more true […]

Rules of Engagement in Social Media


If you’ve ever wondered how to engage better on social media, you’re not alone. The world of Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest can be confusing—and most marketers are still trying to figure things out. When should you post? What should you post? What are the rules? To help answer these questions and give you more confidence […]

Are You Safe on Twitter?


You might not think about this often, but broadcasting on the Internet includes some risk—How safe are you when you use social networks like Twitter? How much personal information about you is available online? Could posting on Twitter make you more likely to become one of the millions of Americans hurt by identity theft? When […]

With Social Media, the Proof Is in the Payoff


Everywhere you turn, someone is talking about the business benefits of social media—but, if you’re like most business owners, you’ve probably found yourself wondering just how beneficial social media can be. How exactly does it work? Does Pinterest activity actually increase website traffic? Will posting on Facebook bring in new customers? What can Twitter do […]

3 Things Amex Sync Could Mean for Brands


American Express made headlines recently by launching its new Twitter program, Amex Sync. Through this new feature, users who sync their American Express credit card info with Twitter are able to purchase products that AmEx highlights, simply by Tweeting designated purchase hashtags. While the Tweet-to-purchase program is currently limited to participating merchants and products (such […]

How Flickr Gets It Right

Flickr Gift Accepted

The first time I logged into my Flickr account in 2013, the photo-sharing network had a holiday surprise waiting: three extra months of Flickr Pro membership, at no extra cost. As a paying member with an annual plan, my three months get tacked onto the end of this year I’ve already paid for, like an […]