Everything PR News covers the full-range of Public Relations, communications services and marketing related topics. Near the top of the list for those at work at Public Relations firms is getting new clients, so requests for proposals (RFPs) are always a welcome sight.

Check out our RFP page for up-to-date opportunities to find your next client. Just in case you’ve not submitted an RFP before, here are some things to keep in mind. Don’t start filling anything out until you know if the project is a good fit for your firm. Follow the format required by the company requesting proposals.

RFPs are often formal in their requirements. Send your proposal exactly as they want it – otherwise it’s just wasting time. If the RFP gives a general address to submit proposals – do research (if permitted) and discover who makes the decision. Address your submission to that person’s attention.

The first page of your package should be a summary of your offer, including reasons why your firm is the perfect choice for the prospective client. Be clear and concise.

There are many PR, marketing and PR communications firms – and if you are looking for a PR agency of record, forward the information using the instructions and email listed on the Everything PR Contact Page.

We would be happy to help you find the perfect fit, or email us directly at info@everything-pr.com.

Miami University Seeks Branding Firm

 Miami University, a public university located in Oxford, Ohio, has established itself as one of the most outstanding undergraduate institutions, but it is looking ahead to elevate the reputation of the University nationally.  The President’s vision for the University in the coming years is focused on meaningful connectivity by building partnerships and harnessing synergies across […]

Ontario & Finger Lakes Community College Seeks PR & Marketing Agency

Finger Lakes Community College Seeks Public Relations

Purpose: Ontario County and Finger Lakes Community College (FLCC) are seeking support for external communication activities as identified in the Shared Services Plan developed for 2018. The County and College have identified the objective of this Request for Proposal to obtain the professional services of a qualified public relations and marketing individual or agency to […]

The Housing Authority of the City of Decatur, GA Seeks PR Firm

The Housing Authority of the City of Decatur, GA Seeks PR Firm

The Decatur Housing Authority intends to award a contract to a qualified publicist or firm to provide day-to-day public relations services necessary for the operation of the agency. Background: The Housing Authority of the City of Decatur, GA (hereinafter, “DHA” or “the Authority”) was established in 1938, under the laws of the State of Georgia. […]


The Department of Communication, Reserve Bank of India, Central Office, Mumbai invites applications from advertising agencies for designing the creatives for its multi-media, multi-lingual, pan-India public awareness campaign. The campaign will be in 14 languages, viz., Hindi, Assamese, Bangla, Gujarati, Kannada, Malayalam, Marathi, Oriya, Punjabi, Sindhi, Tamil, Telugu, Urdu, and English with focus on regional […]

Connecticut Lottery Issues Advertising and Marketing RFP

Connecticut Lottery Corporation Issues Advertising and Marketing RFP

Purpose / Background: The Connecticut Lottery Corporation (“CLC” or “Lottery”), a quasi-public agency with the mission of generating revenues for the State of Connecticut’s General Fund, issues this Request for Proposals (“RFP” or “Request”) to obtain Proposals from qualified agencies for non-exclusive advertising and integrated marketing services and responsible gaming initiatives for all CLC lottery […]

North Dakota Seeks Marketing Firm

The state of North Dakota, acting through its North Dakota Department of Human Services, Human Resources Division (STATE), is soliciting proposals to develop a comprehensive digital marketing campaign for online recruitment of staff in various state of North Dakota positions across the state. This includes: Regional Human Service Centers, the North Dakota State Hospital, and […]

New York City Mayor’s Office of Criminal Justice Seeks Communications Assistance

The New York City Mayor’s Office of Criminal Justice (MOCJ) is seeking three pools of qualified contractors to provide a diverse array of professional services under three distinct professional service categories (Competition Pools): 1) Research and Technical Assistance; 2) Media, Communications, and Conference Coordination; and 3) Strategy and Operations/Management Consulting. MOCJ seeks a broad group […]

University of Kentucky Seeks Marketing Agency

The University of Kentucky Office Of Philanthropy (www.uky.edu/philanthropy) is seeking a nationally-respected planned giving marketing firm to provide services under the following Scope of Work. Such marketing services are to advance UK Philanthropy’s Gift and Estate Planning program further as it strategically and methodically markets gift opportunities to current donors and prospects and prepares itself […]

County of Maui Marketing Sought

County of Maui Marketing Sought

The County of Maui, Mayor’s Office of Economic Development  (OED), desires a Marketing & Promotion Proposal for the Maui Friday Town Parties (MFTP). The proposed solution should include the existing assets: logos, website, facebook page and twitter account. Background: The MFTP are a series of community block parties bringing crafters, entrepreneurs, food vendors, entertainment, and […]