Padgett Continues to Work to Escape Pitino’s Shadow

Padgett continues to work to escape Pitino’s shadow

Earlier this year, just before the start of the college basketball season, a major scandal rocked the NCAA. The corruption included several high-profile coaches, advertisers, and agents, among them, celebrated Louisville coach, Rick Pitino. Coach Pitino was ousted, and, in the early weeks of the season, his replacement, David Padgett, is still trying to find […]

Yunes Doleh Arrest: Wig-Wearing Father In-Law Arrested

yunes doleh

A lawsuit took an amusing turn when a motion to dismiss was filed in New York City which alleges in court documents that a toupee-wearing father in-law, Yunes Doleh was arrested in New York after false allegations against his son in-law, a respected entrepreneur, Mazen Dayem. The lawsuit further states Mr. Doleh may be facing […]

Franken latest to be accused of misconduct

Another week and another prominent person apologizing for sexual misconduct. This time, it’s former comedian, writer, and current Minnesota Senator, Al Franken, on the hot seat. Franken will very likely be exposed to a Senate ethics investigation since he has been accused of “forcibly kissing” a Los Angeles radio host during a shared USO tour […]