Samsung had a great 2016 — really!

Samsung had a great 2016 — really

If you are judging just by the standard news headlines, Samsung had a pretty rough 2016. From some of its phones exploding and, eventually being banned on U.S. airplanes, to washing machines that also exploded and launched lids across the room like giant Frisbees, the company faced a pretty steep uphill PR battle.

Prudential snared in Wells Fargo scandal

Prudential snared in Wells Fargo scandal

When it was reported that Wells Fargo had created untold numbers of fake bank and credit accounts in order to meet quotas, the public was furious. Thousands of employees, including some management, were fired … but it gets worse. Now, according to CNN, it may not have just been bank accounts.

NBC faces conflict of interest accusations


In the early days of his campaign, reporters were actually worried about Donald Trump still appearing on The Apprentice as his campaign continued. He quickly put those worries to bed by bringing in none other than The Governator, Arnold Schwarzenegger, to be the face of the show. TV execs at NBC salivated. If there was […]

SeaWorld continues to flounder

SeaWorld Can’t Seem to Recover

Financially, the numbers at SeaWorld theme parks continue to fall. Attendance really hasn’t picked up much either. This has led to a recent announcement that the company will be eliminating more than 300 jobs across 12 parks nationwide, as well as its corporate headquarters in Orlando. The company says this will be a combination of […]

LA Times editor blamed for paper’s problems

LA Times editor blamed for paper’s problems

Print media is hurting. Ad sales are down, subscription revenue is down, and the medium is adjusting to a world with much more competition for printing daily news. Fingers are being pointed in every direction as desperate business holdings hope to try to keep some papers profitable while others are going belly up, sending hundreds […]

Politico editor resigns after outing white supremacist

Politico editor resigns after outing white supremacist

Journalists are supposed to inform, to report facts that are important to public discourse and general information necessary to be an informed member of society. But there are lines. There are guidelines, rules that are sometimes fuzzy and often obscured in this day of social media, where our public and private lives are so easily […]

Oops – Twitter suspends the account of its own CEO

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey

Recently, Twitter has been in the news a lot, talking about plans to block or suspend accounts of people who post objectionable content to the social media network. The main targets of suspensions have been members of the so-called “alt-right” movement, which some people call patriots and others call racists.