The Necessity of Sports PR So Athletes Can Soar

The Necessity of Sports PR So Athletes Can Soar

The career of a professional athlete may not last long on their field of play, but even after retirement, they can still continue to use their brand that was built while playing. That’s what endorsements and branding deals  can do for a retired pro athlete. But making substantial deals isn’t just about how well an […]

How Social Media is Driving this Sports Brand

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Mixed martial arts is big business these days, arguably more popular than boxing, especially in the United States with UFC superstar Conor McGregor getting press every time he pauses five minutes to glance at a camera. When McGregor and boxing legend Floyd “Money” Mayweather tentatively agreed to a money split for a rumored fight, headlines […]

ESPN scores with college football playoffs

ESPN scores with college football playoffs

For years, college football fans clamored for and loudly demanded a playoff. Many purists and pundits wanted things to stay at the status quo, to allow the bowl system to continue and let those who traditionally held the power to keep their grip tight on the nation’s most popular collegiate sport. But, finally, things changed.

Will the NFL dump Thursday football?

How Will Free Agency Reshape the NFL?

All season people have been lamenting the poor ratings generated by the National Football League live broadcasts. The excuses for this downturn have been legion. From Brady’s DeflateGate to growing frustration with Roger Goodell and other league officials to rules changes to poor showings on the field. But the Thanksgiving games bucked that trend, igniting […]

PR in Sports: Iowa Coach Thanks PR for Transformation

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Public relations continue to play instrumental roles in the success of brands and public figures across a wide range of industries. Great PR campaigns keep people like Kim Kardashian in the media, launch a platform for Coca-Cola’s place as a household name, and transform tech companies like Apple from startup to established forces. Recently, the […]

Sports PR: The Rise of Women and the Struggles they Face

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The feminist movement recently received a lot of criticism for veering off its traditional path. Many people – even other women – believe feminism and women’s rights should focus on more traditional and universal issues like equal pay; and ignore other issues, like the harassment women face on the streets or at their jobs. However, […]