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Airline Loses Luggage of the World’s Top Luggage Tracker

Airline Loses Luggage of the World’s Top Luggage Tracker.

Sometimes Airlines lose luggage.  They sure picked the wrong luggage to lose this time. Daniel Levine, founder and President of Blue Ribbon Bags, the world’s leader in tracking lost luggage, arrived in China this week but his luggage did not arrive with him. Unfortunately for the airline, this customer was prepared.  Daniel went straight to […]

Mercedes Makes a Big Push for Electric

Mercedes makes a big push for electric

If you were to sit down and make out a list of auto manufacturers that you would expect to make a big push for a fully electric vehicle, where would you put Mercedes? Near the top? In the top ten? Maybe, but probably not. Mercedes is known for quality and for performance. For the pleasure […]

Sirius Bets Big on Pandora

Sirius Bets Big on Pandora

First, they merged with their competition, XM Radio, and now Sirius is going after streaming media provider Pandora. However, early reports that Sirius XM would be taking over Pandora turned out to be little more than rumors. It seems Sirius IS making a major investment in Pandora, though, buying about $480 million in preferred shares, […]

New Jersey Marketing & PR Firms: Where Are You?

New Jersey Marketing & PR Firms Where Are You

The Fort Monmouth Economic Revitalization Authority is seeking a marketing firm who can provide professional services in four areas: 1) the refinement of the FMERA brand; 2) placemaking; 3) media and publicity; and 4) lead/prospect sourcing. These services will promote and articulate the Authority’s mandate – the redevelopment of Fort Monmouth – and spotlight the […]

Orchard Owners Turning to Robot Labor?

Orchard Owners Turning to Robot Labor

Farmers in Washington State are worried that they won’t have enough workers to keep up with the harvest in coming years. Most orchards depend on migrant farmers to pick their crops, many of whom work illegally in the United States, according to the Associated Press. With the Trump administration’s promise to crack down on illegal […]

YouTube Continues to Struggle with Advertising Issues

YouTube Continues to Struggle with Advertising Issues

YouTube advertising has been a major benefit to Tubers who have made a career out of posting videos to the platform. And YouTube content has come to define entertainment for a generation. So many of the cultural touchstones for the Millennial generation have come from shared viewing on YouTube. But there’s a dark side to […]

Millennials Learning New Ways to Make Cash

Millennials learning new ways to make extra cash

Ask anyone over the age of 35 how to make some extra scratch, and likely they will tell you to try delivering pizzas or cutting lawns on the side. Something where each job is relatively simple, adds a few bucks to your bank account and can be accomplished working around your current schedule.